Monday, August 29, 2011

Turkey Harshly Criticizes Syria

Turkish President: We have Lost Our Confidence in Assad

Turkish President Abdullag Gul said today in Ankara that his country has lost confidence in the leadership of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Gul expressed deep frustration with Assad’s violent crackdown on protesters. For months, Turkey had been trying to engage Syria in an effort to ease the crisis there.

“Clearly we have reached a point where anything would be too little too late,” Gul said [Anatolia News Agency/New York Times, 29 August].

“We are really very sad,” Gul added. “Incidents are said to be ‘finished,’ and then another 17 people are dead. How many will it be today? We have lost our confidence.”

“Today in the world there is no place for authoritarian administrations, one-party rule, closed regimes,” Gul said. The president added that such governments could be “replaced by force” if their leaders did not make changes.

The statements were particularly significant coming from Turkey, and it would certainly further isolate Assad and his regime in the Islamic world. On Sunday, the Arab League said it would send its secretary general, Nabil al-Araby, to Damascus to seek a resolution to the crisis.

The Arab League has called on Syria to “end the spilling of blood and follow the way of reason before it is too late.” The UN has said that the Syrian security forces have killed 2,200 protesters during the five-month popular uprising against the 42-year rule of Assads.


blackmanAdam said...


Am proposing, you change the format of your blog and come up with something like what we see in Press Tv, whereby the comments are followed by an option of LIKE.DISLIKE.REPLY. this will save us time in posting our comments -thanks indeed may ALLAH reward you FOR your good work !

Anonymous said...

Erdogan made a deal with USA/Israel/Saudis

I help you to overthrown Syria government with finacial fund of Saudi, you help me enter in to European Union.
now happened following
1) Iran warned every body attacks syria will be attacked by Iranian long Range mnissiles.

2) Syrian Army deployed himself in border town to turkey and cut the Weapon supply to the Gangs.

3)at the same Time the Terrorist PKK attacked Truks and inflict high casualties an bad equipped and bad trainned turk soldiers.

now can the erdogan and Ghul be disappointed and Harshly critcizes this and that, but who cates ?

The GOD always protect iran and Iranian peopel.

Nader Uskowi said...

Unfortunately we do not have that option with Blogger. That requires more sophisticated programming. But thanks for the suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Syria is stable, and all the screamings are "Jange Zargari" or rather a bone for the Western Press.

Turkey is by heart with Iran, they tried almost 100 years to be counted even as Europeans and are still considered second class citizens.

Turkey knows what its doing and they shall never turn on Iran and so does Iran by the way.

The dices have been thrown and it looks Iran has won house high, but we have to wait for the west to comprehend and accept its losing ground.

Israel shall shrink and become just another country whose Arab population shall overwhelm the immigrated Jewish (in a few years) so there shall be a democracy too.

Bless Iran and everyone who loves Iran (Except the MKO)

Nader Uskowi said...

I do not believe that the killing of 2,200 people in five months is a subject for "throwing a bone for western press." Assad has lost his legitimacy. 42 years of autocratic family rule is enough!

The Arab Spring has not started in relation to the West or Iran, it is a movement to regain Arab dignity in the face of petty dictators, either pro-west or anti-west varieties. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria are all part of this historic shift away from dictatorship in the Arab world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nader,

Only as a counter argument, most of thesec clips were made in special townships in Israel and most of those snipers are trained killers from Iraq (of Kurdish / north African origins).

what the 2200 are comncerened, please give me the statistics on how many died in the same period at the hands and causes of the USA in Af-pak and Iraq. (a lot more)

This was an attempt for regime change there , which did not succeed.

It is to Irans benefit for Assad to stay in power so, let it be....

Back off Iran and drop the sanctions on Iran.....Assad will become irrelevant.... then you can have him... not a minute before.

Dariush -Turnhamgreen/ London

Nader Uskowi said...

The relevancy or irrelevancy of Assad will be determined on the streets of Hama and Damascus and other cities in Syria. Not by Iran nor by the West.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi

There is a certain type of brainwashed commentator here that refuses to listen or take any advice or have a agenda to spread their propaganda on behalf of the Islamic regime and lives in denial.

Hence don't be surprised by some of these commentators remarks.

The Realist.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nader,

Then I am with you on this.

Since I am convinced in those cities and towns you talk about the majority are for Him (Assad).

So we let it be and allow them to fight the intruders from Iraq and Israel. Just as Iran fights the intruders from Pejak, Jondolla and MKO.

Dariush London

blackmanAdam said...

In reply to Mr USKOWI-- I agree with you that ASSAD has lost all legitimacy as a result of his heavy handedness on his citizens.However ASSAD did not wake up one morning and started spraying his people with bullets during the initial stages of the demonstrations.DEVASTATING news start trickling in now showing clearly that those armed goons killing security officers are being trained in IRAQ by Mossad and CIA!and of course they use clever tactics ,they wear police uniforms and kill civilians and sometimes they are in civilian clothes killing police officers!THE AIM IS TO INSTALL A WESTERN ALLY and weaken IRAN and HIZBULLAH AND EMPOWER ISRAEL.SO THEN MR USKOWI CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE A BALANCED COMMENT ON THE TRUE SITUATIONS IN SYRIA?.

Anonymous said...


Everything isn't in BLACK and WHITE
you know.

Assad and the regime made their own beds and are lying in it now.

Nader Uskowi said...

But Assad woke up one morning last spring and saw the beginning of the Arab Spring. At first, his supporters were jubilant saying that the Arab Spring was directed against pro-Western dictatorships in Egypt, Tunisia and Bahrain. But when the popular movement spread to Syria, the storyline changed; no more talk of an Arab Spring; foreign agents instigating the demonstrations and killing security forces, etc.

It is naïve to think that foreign agents can arise the sentiments of hundreds of thousands of people to come out on the streets and protest, even when Assad security tugs are spraying them with bullets. Don’t you believe it is an insult to the proud Syrian people telling them that they are the pawns of foreign powers and have no dignity, determination and independence of their own? Don’t you think you are overestimating the power of foreign agents by saying they can organize hundreds of thousands of people in a movement against their own government? Don’t you think you are displaying a double standard by characterizing the movements in Bahrain and Yemen and in countries with pro-West governments as legitimate popular uprising, but when it comes to Syria the same type of movement is characterized as foreign-inspired? Why should we not show the same respect we have toward the people in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya for their Syrian counterparts?

The right thing to do is to side with the Syrian people in their aspiration to gain their dignity against a four-decade-old authoritarian system that needs to kill 2,200 people in five month to hang on to power. This is the beginning of a new era all over the Middle East. The Turkish experience is a proof that the Middle Eastern countries and peoples can indeed have a progressive, modern and democratic Islamic government; with no need to have the type of lifelong autocrats like Assad to run their countries.

Anonymous said...

Mr Nader Uskowi

I agree with everything you said except when you said" modern and democratic Islamic government"

Nothing is modern about Islamic part of it as we know already in Iran.


blackmanAdam said...

Well said Mr USKOWI!!= the good side of your comment is that you are displaying honesty and truth!-Two things that are lacking in this world.I wish the West and the middle east leaders listened to you.all in all, a foreign agent can arise the sentiments of a hundred and thousands of people to come in the streets if he will wear police uniform and shoot a protester!don't you remember recently in London a single incident bringing thousands in streets!however thank you, I take your argument hands down!

Anonymous said...


Your beginning to sound silly and try not to work the reverse psychology here.

Anonymous said...

last anon, I think he sounds OK and you sound like a NAZI

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25 PM

"I think he sounds OK and you sound like a NAZI"

Yes you should know what the meaning NAZI means when you support a blood thirsty theocratic backward regime in occupied Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:25 PM...That's a bit rich coming from a person that supports a NAZI regime in Tehran!

blackmanAdam said... said...

sorry for any trouble

blackmanAdam said...

Assad is an idiot man!!!!

blackmanAdam said...


reply one-

convince us all here through factual analysis that ASSAD is an idiot! your facts and insights might be an eye opener to many people.Win people by reason and it is utter childish to use the Name blackmanAdam to confuse people!Well, your lack of insight, point to the same thing describing you and your like minded-TRUTH IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE and your bashing of the IRANIAN regime is but empty propaganda lacking numbers at home!!.

reply two

youve said sorry for any trouble on my behalf! -IT MEANS YOU DON'T WANT TROUBLES !!all issues rised in this blog needs to be discussed and in that discussions we get to exchange ideas .believe me i have never seen any human being who is more intolerent than you!AND THIS TOO EXPLAINS THE SAME THING THAT TRUTH IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!.

Anonymous said...