Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Iran Takes Russia to Court

Iran has filed a complaint with the Paris-based International Court of Arbitration against Russia for Moscow’s failure to honor its agreement to deliver S-300 advanced surface-to-air missiles to Iran [Press TV, 31 August].

“The International Court of Arbitration in Paris settles international commercial disputes, and since the Russian company responsible for the S-300 contract is a non-governmental entity, we filed a complaint with this court in order to compensate our losses,” said Mehdi Sanaei, Chairman of Iran-Russia Parliamentary Friendship Committee.

The $800 million S-300 contract was signed in 2005 and Iran made an initial payment of $166.8 million to receive 65 S-300 missile systems by 2007. Russia delayed the delivery until September 2010 when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev stated that Moscow would not implement the terms of the agreement, arguing that the delivery of the advanced missile system to Iran was prohibited by the UN Security Council Resolution 1929, the fourth round of UN sanctions resolutions against the country. Iran insists that S-300 system is defensive in nature and consequently not covered by 1929.

Russian officials said they were surprised by Tehran's decision to file the complaint at the international court considering the “traditionally friendly nature of their bilateral relations.”


Anonymous said...

nice one. At least they can pay back the deposit with interest for a quick settlement that otherwise is going to take years and is only going to make lawyers rich.

This is a fascinating example of a regime in Tehran that has shot himself in the foot by wrong policies that has alienated practically everyone except the isolated states like North Korea, Venezuela and Syria. Beggars cannot be choosers and that is exactly what Iran is. In one side it takes Russia to court and on the other side needs their support.

These idiots in Tehran don't care except an opportunity to siphon the country's hard earned currency to Dubai. The nation pays the price.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35 AM

Well done couldn't describe it better!
Next they will be taking China to court besides looks like Russia has Iran over the barrel!

The reason why Iran is taking Russia to court is not because of refund but for the delivery of S300 system under the pretext of defensive airspace of Iran.
They could have resolved the deposit issue outside of court this way regime is trying to force Russia to supply S300.

Unfortunately for regime this tactic will not work only backfires into their ugly faces!

Anonymous said...

What you see is mostly not what is happening.
These stories and acts are for idiots outside of Iran.

Anonymous said...

reality may be rusian ask iran to do so that court may ask to return and plus interest to iran or compline the contract to delieve the s300 or get from usa and israel the diferent of it , so many way in politic you should look at for this action in last several day iran move harsh on rusian the secound on rusian oil contract has been cancel by iran it seems to me far more political move of iran is on the way also iran treaten to cancel china contract on pars oil field has dalay for several month that contract worst of 10 billion dolles so they is huge changes in iran policy and political more this year than last year.

blackmanAdam said...

Let no one FOOL HIMSELF here concernig the whole issue of s/300!.THE Russians would have deliverd the bateries long ago, but who are Iranians? smart people with a vibrant defence industry who have a fasthand experience on the folly of depennding on a foreigner for your security!.not long ago the genius engeneers in the Iran defense industry overhauled the s/200 from Russia and increased its range and power that during the test firring shocked the produsers of the same!. SO IRAN DOES NOT NEED THESE ITEMS for its security ,but rather it pursues this case because it paid for the deposit and it feels it is on the legal side of the deal ,and importantly its engeneers are patiently waiting for them!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:53 AM

"These stories and acts are for idiots outside of Iran."

Can you please clarify what you meant by "idiots outside of Iran"?

Did you mean the commentators on this blog of which you are one or
the CIA MI6 or the Israelis because for sure they wont be able to fool them.

This regime back in 2010 paraded some welded and painted barrels on back of a truck and pathetically claimed they were S300 missiles it graphically shows what a desperate and lying Islamist Theocracy we have at work here.

Now after their claim they exposed
their lies by taking Russia to court!

But of course apologists will claim that all this is a front and
Iran has a squadron of S300 missiles ready and waiting in bunkers to strike the infidels with!

reader said...

I may be wrong but this may prove a win-win situation for Russia. If Iran wins the case Russia would happily oblige and honour the deal and get a whopping $870 million boost to its ailing defence industry. It will also provide Medvedev with a good excuse to break away from the deal he made with Netanyahuto in Feb 2010 for technology exchange or supply of Israeli drones in exchange for blocking of the almost ready for shipping S-300 system.

Anonymous said...

Russia reneged on the deal after getting promises from the US not to install missile shield on their doorstep and promise from Israel to share drone technology..

Neither of these promises were fulfilled and the Russians were suckered into believing something that everybody knew they wouldn't get. People think the Soviet Union collapsed because of the Afghan war but that's just Hollywood.The Soviet Union collapsed purely due to Russian inherent greed and corruption. Iran has the legal right to sue the Russians for bringing Mafia tactics into trade deals.

Ever since this S-300 fiasco, no country have signed any S-300 deal with Russia..That says a lot..

The S-300 system was an emergency solution during Bush's crazy years but getting bogged down in Iraq after the great "Mission Accomplished" speech reduced the threat Iran was facing. And Iran made sure the US got bogged down in Iraq.

Russia cannot use Iran as a tool to supplement their weaknesses in dealing with the West. This step, although I do not hold much hope for it, will make the Russians think twice in any future agreement and also sets an example for other countries to follow.

The S-300 has already been compromised, anyway and I think Iran will be better off developing their own or building up on existing systems.

Anonymous said...

Russian officials said they were surprised by Tehran's decision to file the complaint at the international court considering the “traditionally friendly nature of their bilateral relations.”

If friendly nature relations is the point than mr. medvedev please bee so friendly in your relations to Iran, so save the life of iranian friendly childrend's and deliver iran the DEFENS SYSTEM they need to do so. To not get bombed like lybia! Its not really friendly to delay a contract for five years. Iran payed only for the contract 166 Mio.!!! Other countries like Syria get everything on line of credit this is also not. THis is also not friendly. And also the cancelation is not a traditionally move by russia. and iran was very upset, because it was no traditionally move by medvedev.

Come on we are talking about a Contract as dated 2005 Delivery 2007 and sanctioned in 2010. Intern. Law says they have to deliver. If someone here has a better knowlege about these please let me know!

@Mr. Uskowi
compliment for your efforts!

Anonymous said...

yeah, smooth move. The Iranians will now be much more likely to get those S-300 units from Russia .....and sooo much more likely to get anything from Russia in the future.

Anonymous said...

Iran wont receive any S300 nor any other Russian system and Iran is not yet capable to build such a system for the next fifteen years or more.

Hell even the Chinese buy weapons from Russia SU27 which they copied and they still can't copy some of the Russian technology.

Anonymous said...

What is the surprise here.

Na sharghi na gharbi

Screw anyone screwing you.... what r u afraid of.

All superpowers are gone and going...Iran is stronger by the day.

Bless Iran and ...Go Iran Go.

Anonymous said...

"Iran wont receive any S300 nor any other Russian system and Iran is not yet capable to build such a system for the next fifteen years or more."

Could you please share with us how you arrived at that "next fifteen years" figure??

Why don't you make it a 100 while you're at it? It's just guesswork, right?

They said the same thing about Iranian arms industry yet they begging to freak out when they see Iran's missile program accelerating...Jealousy kills so don't get too consumed..

Anonymous said...

Shalom to the great Iranian people!

I don't think Iran should worry about Israel attacking.We are not worried about Iran having or not having S300 because we believe Iranian people are the best weapon against Iranian regime there is no defense against the Iranian people by their government!



Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 6;42 AM

"Jealousy kills so don't get too consumed."

How can I be jealous at a bunch of old and decrepit junk which deserve
to be put in a museum?
The S300 missile and radar has specially developed electronics and custom micro chips developed by the Russian arms industry which is light years ahead of Iran in its present industrial capability.
Stop day dreaming and wake up into reality.

Anonymous said...

The overwelmeing majority of the Iranians feel no hostility toward Israel and the Israelli people either. As an Iranian I do not condone the way you treat the palestinians but the Iranian people are not after attacking Israel.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:24
My Iranian friend have you been to Israel because there are a lot of Palestinians who live and work in Israel even the ones which been to other Arab country's told me they prefer Israel more.
We have nothing against the Palestinians except the ones which kill our civilians including Arabs.
Your government should sort its own house first before playing political football with Israel.
Besides you claim as an Iranian that you do not condone the way we treat the Palestinians.I could also say as an Israeli and a human I don't condone the way your government is treating your own people in far worse conditions.
As an Israeli I have nothing against the Palestinians or Iranians but when your president wants to throw the Jews into the sea that's where the buck stops!
Don't judge Israel by 2006 conflict that is a grave mistake!
Anyway friend no hard feelings we all have to live together despite what our politicians want.



blackmanAdam said...


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST- it is only a Nation and a people who are at peace with themselves and their Creator that can AFFORD to offer peace TO fellow mankind!!.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:22 AM

Dear Sir
I know there are ways to circumnavigate around barriers and there are loopholes.I presume if a country has the cash and are determined to obtain the technology they will somehow get hold of it.Israel has done this many times and I'm sure possibly Iran can as well!
Although for Israel the job is a little more easier with our good relations with US.
These things take time and it might take 5 10 or more years but who knows maybe sooner.



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr blackmanAdam

I'm sorry that you feel this way about us truly truly sorry!
If there is anything that I can do for you to calm you down so you will not pass out in front of your monitor!
My country is but a little nation which started in war and is armed to the teeth for its defense.What do you expect us to do to roll over and die?
I come on this site to discuss with Iranians about their country and mine.I didn't come here to discuss with your very emotional and angry reaction towards Israel and my people in fact I find you quite disturbing.
So please let me get on and talk to my Iranian friends thank you!


Steve said...

The "traditionally friendly nature of ... bilateral relations" (with Iran) is a very one-sided Russian view.
As can be learned from many Iranian blogs concerned with foreign policy, Russia is increasingly viewed by Iranians as a very unreliable partner, not only in the field of arms contracts, but also regarding nuclear technology (Bushehr), and oil field development (Azar oil field, Gazprom). Iranians feel that the Russian side isn't honouring its contractual obligations, and that Iran should not conlude any more contracts with Russia, but should intensify its trade relations with China instead.
Correspondingly Iranian-Chinese trade volume jumped to $13 billion in the first 4 months of 2011 and will reach upt to $40 billion by the end of this year, whereas Iranian-Russian trade volume was stagnant at $3.65 billion for the first half of 2011 and could further decline towards the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Morris,

You are welcome here and we all want you to stay.

With regard to blackmanAdam, just ignore that troll. HE IS A TROLL and a sick man from nowhere. Ignore him like you ignore a non entity.

Mr Uskowi/moderators,

It is unfortunate that when an individual adevertises his color (blackmanAdam), it arises sympathy. But in this case it is either false or intentional. He plays racism card but on the other hand he has a fre ticket to attack everyone with whatever sick language and states are women are inferior to men which is pure sexism. You need to have a balanced view in this case.

I have mentioned before that he has no intention of contributing to any meaningful discussion bar disrupting it.

Unfortunately people are using color of their skin as an excuse for any indulgence. This is purely opportunistic. Political correctness gone made!

Anonymous said...

My Israeli friend.
This is off topic but just to clarify a few things.
I am a secular Iranian, living abroad. I am against this backward, Islamic regime and want it changed by peaceful civil actions and no military intervention and I believe it will happen in due course. Ahmadinejad is not my president.
When it comes to the issue of the Israeli / palestinian conflict I know it is a very complicated matter. Short answer I have lots of jewish friends and the criticism is pointed at the Israeli govenment. I AM NOT AN ANTISEMITE (to avoid any accusaions as soon as someone is criticising the State of Israel). I think the hollocoust was an absolutely disgraceful act of mass murder. I believe that you should have a country like Israel and you are there to stay. I don't want a war with or destruction of the state of Israel. However you treat the palsetinians in a shamful way most of the time. The current Israeli government is a racist government and the way your government is treating the palestinians in Gaza is no better than the way Jews were treated in the polish concentration camp of Lodsz by the Nazis. Some of the tactics (Demolishing houses were carried out by the Nazis as well, but back then the Europeans fighting for their freedom were called freedom fighters and the now the palestinians are called terrorists) AIPAC is a very powerful political lobby who is running the forign policy of the US (Please read the book, The Israeli Lobby written by 2 Jewish professors in the US)
The state of Israel with the backing of US and the Europeans (under the pressure of the Israeli Lobby) have not implemented the UN security council resolutions since 1949. However as a dubble standard every other UN security council against Iraq and other countries have passed and been implemented.
The Israeli government is not even willing to accept the 1967 borders.
As long as the Israeli government is not willing to offer a just peace to the palestinians and when you take away the dignity and hope of an entire people, you push them into becomming "terrorist" and this conflict will continue with casulties on both side. I write this commentary as a human being and not an Iranian.

Anonymous said...

Anon September 2, 2011 2:18 AM

I agree with you. I would not be surprised if blackmanAdam happens to be a terrorist with no tolerance for democratic values. You can see that from his language of hate towards anyone who does not share his twisted version of Islam.

He is an example of someone who can be a prime candidate for suicide bombing.

It is unfortunate that moderators have allowed him so far down the road, extending sympathy to him to enable his message of hate and sexist remarks that no place in a civilised society.

Anonymous said...

Give the TROLL a break poor little misguided creature !
He is only doing his Islamic duty and disrupting free thinking people because his masters told him so.
Poor little TROLL!

Anonymous said...

My Israeli friend. This is an off topic post but a reply to your comment about my post. I send the same comment one more time as the last time someone (of the blogg owners) seem to have decided not to publish it. see if this one will get through. I don't think it is as controversial as blackman adam's comment about Israel.
I am a secular Iranian living abroad. I am against the Islamic regime in Iran and want it changed by peaceful means and not a military attack against my country. I have a lot of jewish friends and I am NOT an antisemite (to avoid being accused of being one when criticizing the Israeli government) Ahmadinejad is not my president. Now to clarify a few things in response to your post about my comment:
I believe that hollocaust was a shameful act of mass murder against the Jews and humanity and we shall always remember the memory of the victims.
I believe that the State of Israel and its Jewsih people have a right to exist and live in peace. I do not propagate a war or the destruction of the state of Israel. However I believe that the current Israeli government is racist and is treating the palestinian people in a shameful way. The palestinians in Gaza are living under the same harsh conditions as the Jews in the concentration camp of Lodz in Poland during the 2:nd world war. The Israeli government is using a lot of the same tactics in collective punishment against the palestinians as the Nazis used against the Jewsih people and other people in occupied territories like demolishing their houses. The Europeans fighting the Nazis back then were called "freedom fighters" but the palestinians are called "terrorists" these days. The AIPAC is a very strong Jewish lobby in US influencing the US forign policy. (Please read the book The Israeli lobby written by John J Mearsheimer who has a Jewish background himself) The dubble standard by the UN security council in vetoing every single resolution against Israel and implementing every other UN security council resolution against other ME countries like Iraq is a sign of the immense influence of the Israeli lobby on coward US and European politicians. If you take away an entire people's hope and dignity and do not offer them a just peace, you are indirectly encouraging them to become martyrs. Until a just peace can not be reached, this conflict will continue with tragic casulties on both sides.
I write this as a human being, and not an Iranian.
Now lets see if this will get published.

Anonymous said...

complaining about the guy and calling him a "troll" is not the way to go about things.

his comments are laced with inaccuracies but discussion sites are meant for exchanging views and arguing against inaccuracy using better information and technique. they should not be a place where earnest but misinformed people are met with calls for the moderator to shut the person down or calling the person a suicide bomber.

do you really want to be part of a site where people are shouted down or simply silenced by the blog's governance?

Anonymous said...

Anon September 2, 2011 10:51 PM

I take your point about the troll and I agree that in a democratic forum people should exchange ideas without fear of intimidation.

However, unlike the majority here I don't think this individual has any respect to human values. I base my argument on the following:

• He supports and encourages extremism
• He thinks women are inferior to men. In his words the creator created them differently
• He supported Iranian kids blown up by mines during the war on the basis that Islam had teen age soldiers
• He seeks sympathy by claiming that he a black man from Zanzibar and his ancestors were slaves
• He uses the colour of his skin as an excuse to attack everyone that disagrees with him

It is indeed a sign of a civilised mind to entertain and tolerate an idea without accepting them. However, there is non of that with this guy.

Moderators should be careful as per norm these type of forums are monitored and there is a chance that the site may be shutdown or persecuted on the basis that it condones and encourages extremism and nobody wants that

From my own experience extremist people never change their mind and will adhere to their twisted beliefs whatever they may be. Hence I do not think there is any value in letting this guy in or responding to his messages.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:49 AM


Anonymous said...

Anon September 2 8:02 PM

Sorry if I took my time with my reply.
What can I say my friend about the problems we have in our country Israel.There is a tiny fringe of people in all societies that are extremist these people are very cunning and roofless and do anything to stay in the limelight this includes your country unfortunately as well.
These people include the ultra orthodox Jewish the militarist the right wing Jewish movement and on the other side HAMAS PLO no one wants to budge from their position and if they do they are seen as traitors.
Rest assured my friend attacking Iran is not really a option because the Iranian people are the best method to dislodge the Islamic regime only the Iranian people have the fate of their nation at hand.
From what I see unfortunately your leaders wont roll over and die and need to be thrown out by mass of force not just balloons and flowers of course they come later with lots of cheers !
Back to your question about
Israel.Some of those homes belong to suicide bombers families or people connected to extremist anti Israel groups which the authorities see fit to destroy.
I don't support extremism in any shape form or color everything will fall into place in due course the Palestinians should have their home like anybody else.
Hope to hear from you soon ask questions on other threads.


Anonymous said...

Morris, people are somewhat concerned that the percentage of extremists in Israel. particularly the Ultras, is no longer tiny and is growing far faster than the general population and consuming a significant and growing part of Israel's taxes and resources in stipends and services while contributing little in either taxes paid or economic development or even a fair share of military service.

Are these concerns shared by yourself or are outsiders seeing things unclearly?