Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iran Launches Production of Carbon Fiber

Iran's Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi (center) during the launch of the production line of carbon fiber. 27 August 2011. IRNA

Carbon fiber production line. 27 August 2011. IRNA

Iran has launched production of carbon fiber, a strategic material used in defense systems as well as civil engineering. The material is under UN embargo because of its potential use in the country’s nuclear program [IRNA, 27 August].

Iran's Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi told reporters during the inauguration ceremony of the country’s carbon fiber production line that all stages of the production and launch of the material were domestically run in spite of UN sanctions on the transfer of technology to Iran.

Vahidi said that carbon fiber is used in production of nozzle heat shields, lightweight composite bodies of motors in solid-fuel missiles, wings and body of various types of fighter jets and civilian planes, as well as the body of light weapons.

“UN sanctions had caused a bottleneck in Iran's production of advanced and smart defense systems," Gen. Vahidi said. He added that Iran “has mastered the entire process of carbon fiber production.”

Carbon fiber has high flexibility, high strength, low weight and high tolerance for heat. Its production is extremely complex. Iran uses carbon fiber for more advanced centrifuges, which spin uranium gas to produce enriched uranium.


Anonymous said...

This is where they spin their propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Vahidi wanted by the International Criminal Court for the murder of a number of people in Argentina ?

blackmanAdam said...


Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi,

As you moderate the comments, I am curious to know what is(are) your justification(s)for letting the above two comments pass through your moderation barrier?. Do they confirm or refute the assertions made in your post? In my opinion, no. They don't.

Please don't let the comment section of your blog become a forum for the clueless Iran-haters to come and release their pent-up frustrations.

reader said...

This is quite an achievement for a developing country - a genuine break through indeed. This is more impressive than the recent launching of a low orbiting satellite. Carbon fibre is the essential building block material for many advanced industrial applications such as aerospace, wind energy, oil off-shore and ..... of course uranium enrichment! A welcoming (be it unintended) consequence of sanction!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37 PM

Mr Uskowi moderates foul language and unreasonable personal attacks not when the truth is spoken.
The commenter Anon 12:59 PM is right to ask because Vahidi is wanted by the international criminal court regarding the bombing in Argentina if you think that is being anti Iranian then I feel sorry for you.

Nader Uskowi said...

Thanks Anon 4:3 PM.

To Anon 2:37 PM,

The purpose of the comment section is to offer a forum for free exchange of ideas. Needless to say, a free exchange of ideas presupposes different points of views, political, ideological and social. Therefore, comment moderation cannot be based on the content of the speech. Each commentator is responsible for that content and this blog cannot refute or accept the content of each individual comment. What we are moderating out are personal attacks and use of foul language.

We will be clarifying our existing comments policy and will soon post a proposed new policy and will ask our readers to comment on it so collectively we can come out with an effective and fair moderation policy. Needless to say, the less moderation, the better.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:37 PM

"clueless Iran haters"

My friend we are not clueless nor Iran haters on the contrary we love Iran very much and are clued up about what really is going on in our country by seeing through the veneer of lies that permeate from the regime.

Anonymous said...

allow me to second the idea that hating the theocracy is very, very different from hating Iran.

much talent and many good people are being ill-used and ill-served

Anonymous said...

Thank you sanctions!

TLAM Strike said...

Carbon fiber has many uses: cars bodies, sports equipment, medicine, musical instruments, even furniture.

But Iranian State News advertises the military uses of it, with IRGC commanders taking a tour of the plant.

THIS is why the west is worried about the Iranian regime!

reader said...

To TLAM Strike:

Iran may have as many mad mullas as US has mad senators and congressmen, but our Mullas have never threatened to bomb or invade America or its surrogate states in the Middle East. When McCain, a distinguished senator and presidential candidate sang the infamous “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran”, it wasn’t just a Freudian slip, he meant it to the bone. Access to the technology of this nature and an open demonstration of the country’s ability to utilize them for defence is essential in keeping the peace and preventing those madmen to commit Americans yet to another bloody war.

Anonymous said...

Well done Iran !

Anonymous said...



TLAM Strike said...

Reader said:
"but our Mullas have never threatened to bomb or invade America or its surrogate states in the Middle East."

Indeed they have:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury."

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: "Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism? You should know that this slogan, this goal, can certainly be achieved."

Iranian Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni-Ejehei: "Our main enemy is the Great Satan—America and the Zionists."

However this goes far beyond the point I was making, not too long ago we saw an Iranian military parade showing off various new arms. Reader I'm guessing that you live in Iran and may never has visited America but on any of our "military" holidays (Independence day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day) you would NEVER see a Abrams tank or Tomahawk missile on parade. In Iran we do. Here you would see the men of the local Veterans of Foreign wars or historical reinactors in late 1700's consume on parade but any army troops there (normally National Guard) on parade would NEVER be seen with their arms (might even be illegal without their governor declaring a state of emergency to do so), in Iran we do see regular troops with arms on parade. It is this constant stream of militant imagery from Iran and makes the west nervous.

David said...

Israel and the USA are Iran's biggest enemies.

They are desperate to destroy Iran similar to how they destroyed Iraq.

CIA and Mosad are using psychological operation through national endowment for democracy (NED) to kneel any country who challenges The Israel and USA's hegemony.

They are using the entire west’s media as well as the VOA, BBC Persian, radio Farda and radio Israel to brainwash the Iranian people and the international public opinion.

Their policy is based on three principals:

1) Divide
2) Destabilise
3) Conquer

First policy is to divide the people.

Once the people of a country are divided, then they try to destabilise its government.

As soon as the government is destabilised, they pounce and conquer.

This is what the USA and Israel tried to do to Iran back in June 2009 and failed miserably.

Some Iranians are so stupid that they think by collaborating with the enemy (Israel, USA), they improve the chances of Iran becoming a more prosperous country, little do they know that this will lead to Iran being destabilised, divided and destroyed.

Iranians are seeing with their naked eyes what the “USA and Israel” have done to Iraq but sadly, they are not learning a lesson from it.

I think Iran’s crime is its independence and Iranians must be proud of their government that does not bow to hegemonic powers.

Steve said...

In my view, every comment should be published, also the Iran-hater ones. Nader Uskowi is right to let them pass. But it is also important to let pass the comments which are positive on Iran.

Mastering of the production process of carbon fibre is a major achievement by Iran. Well done Iran, congratulations !
Carbon fibre composites are an immensely important material in the field of Aviation, Defense and Space Sciences, due to their light weight and strength.
Some day, Iran could easily get a net exporter of carbon fibre.
This would generate high revenues, far more than crude oil.

reader said...

TLAM Strike

The constant stream of militant imagery stems from insecurity. When USSR placed a few nuclear missiles in Cuba, America saw it as an existential threat and went on very close to starting a third world war. Iran literally is surrounded by hostile American troops with its warships parading up and down the Persian gulf in a constant display of military power. In fact Ahmadinejejad in one of his recent speeches acknowledged that America could flatten the world many times over with its vast nuclear stock pile. He went on to say that “They are not afraid of our rockets ( aka bows and arrows) but our nation’s progress” . Unfortunately our Mullas are stuck in the 7th century mentality and their use of language in politics is a reflection of that mentality.

Anonymous said...

Steve there is no Iran hater ones would you hate your country or government if your country was a theocratic fascist dictatorship?
So grow up !

Rd. said...

TLAM Strike said...
“we saw an Iranian military parade showing off various new arms.”

Mil parades are common in many countries, especially those under threat from outsiders. US too has its military parades all the time. You see their mil parades on various sovereign countries after their air force parade of bombing the natives to submission.
At this point no need to have mil parades in US.. but you can get used to these kinda parades;

Anonymous said...

David....Iran's biggest enemy is the regime it self.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Iran.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where is Iran in production of alloys used in Military technology or Nuclear stuff?

TLAM Strike said...


"When USSR placed a few nuclear missiles in Cuba, America saw it as an existential threat and went on very close to starting a third world war."

It was the Soviets who very nearly started WW III down in Cuba after they had placed their SS-4 and SS-5 BMs, Il-28 nuclear bombers down there and started building the missile submarine base at Cienfuegos. They dispatched five FOXTROT class submarines armed with a single 15 kT nuclear torpedo in to the western Atlantic and one of their commanders nearly fired his torpedo at an American carrier. if that one hotheaded commander did fire it would have been WW III (actually it would have been WW VIII but who is counting).


"Mil parades are common in many countries, especially those under threat from outsiders."

The problem is a Catch 22, we see them as a threat because of their militancy, so they build up arms making them a bigger threat.

@ both Reader and RD:

There are countries with large militaries that we have no problem with because they have not made aggressive statements against us. FCOL Vietnam (a communist nation we were AT WAR with not too long ago) has an military nearly as big as Iran's and we just conducted joint naval exercises with them. Logically this is a country that should hate us even more than Iran, but they don't. They have cordial diplomatic relations with us, there no longer is a US embargo on them, many Americans who fought over there came back as tourists and were welcomed by the very people who fought against them. In fact we can consider them to be a friend.

Or how about Brazil (#11 in the world for military expenditures) they have Navy that makes Iran's look like a floating joke, and they are planning on building Nuclear Submarines! Yet America has close relations with them.

Ask your selves, why are these nations who we have fought, who are building nuclear power systems (for their MILITARY in some cases) and have large standing armys/navys are not embargoed by the US and denounced and sponsors of terrorists? Because they have made no threatening gestures to us.

Anonymous said...

Anon August 29 4:36 PM

My friend your wasting your time with these people they have a total IQ of zero.
They either have an agenda or are brainwashed and come up with blatantly stupid comments so don't take them to seriously your above all that.


Rd. said...

TLAM Strike said...
“they have not made aggressive statements against us.”

Aggressive statements by Iran!!! You must be referring to Iranian intelligence agency actively bringing down a freely elected government of US elected by the American people!

Aggressive statement, you are referring to Iranian government actively supporting various gangs south of the US border to bomb and kill people within US!

Aggressive statement by Iran actively promoting and supporting lets the say the Mexican military to invade southern US (calif, texas, etc) as they claim ownership of those states!! Causing many hundreds of thousands of death and use of chemical weapons.

Yes they are bad with their aggressive statements…

TLAM Strike said...


"Aggressive statement, you are referring to Iranian government actively supporting various gangs south of the US border to bomb and kill people within US!"

Hezbollah the same terrorist group Iran was caught supplying with C-701 cruise missiles earlier this year (and the ones suspected in the 1983 US Embassy and Barracks bombings in Lebanon) was discovered to be operating with members of the Mexican drug cartel groups responsible for many brutal murders on US and Mexican soil and the subversion of the legitimate government in US ally Mexico.

The Iranians have also been linked to several terrorist and revolutionary groups in South America, notably Shining Path in Peru.