Saturday, August 27, 2011

Iran’s Oil Exports to China Up by 46%

Iran has increased its oil exports to China by 46 percent in 2011. In the first seven months of the year, China has imported some 16 million tons of Iranian crude, which equates to some 13% of Chinese oil imports. After Saudi Arabia and Angola, Iran is the third largest exporter of oil to China [IRNA, 27 August].

Today’s announcement of the dramatic rise in Iranian oil exports to China coincided with the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and the People’s Republic of China. In August 1971, the Shah’s government recognized Beijing as the sole government of China.


Anonymous said...

That's right the Shah's Government recognized China and Israel why because that's called diplomacy something that this regime sadly lacks hence their isolation.

Anyway regarding their recent oil exports to China will they be receiving our money or will Iran be receiving their cheap junk in return?

Anonymous said...

Probably and as they prefer cheap junk so that they can fill in the shops giving the illusion that sanctions have failed!

blackmanAdam said...

"that's right the Shaha's Government recognised China and Israel.."

YOU may be right brother that IRAN'S failure to recognise Israel might be its biggest political undoing and the father of all miseries befalling on them.but again you still have some difficulty explaining that recognising ISRAEL is the only one way ticket to prosperity!!

Anonymous said...

To BlackmanAdam

It's the Islamic regime that has created it's own hole that it is in now.
Historically Iran hasn't had any problem with Jews this regime made the Jewish state into it's personal crusade dragging the US into the process.
It would certainly benefit Iran when that Fascist Islamic regime goes into oblivion and has normal relations with US and Israel.
That is the only way to prosperity to cooperate like Japan Germany China and Russia found out.


Anonymous said...

Iran has the largest number of Jewish people in the Middle East after Israel. Unlike Arabs Persian Jews have made large contribution to Iranian culture and identity. So Mr backman Adam take your arguments somewhere else preferably to an Arab anti jewish forum. You seems to suffer from some sort of inferiority complex from your various responses (not very uncomon if I may say).

blackmanAdam said...

my answers to my name caller=iran has the largest numbeer of jewish people....

reply one-

iam at peace with the Jewish people residing in IRAN and living peacefully and playing their part in Nation building! but i doubt your staement that 'jews have made large contribution to irans culture..'we know who are jews and who are Iranians!the Iranian humble culture has been instrumental in making the Iranian jews such a humble people !likewise the IRANIANS have also benefitted in one way or the other from the good aspects in the jewish culture.this is how i figure it .

reply two-

Thank God i cant afford to suffer from that devilish disease[inferiority complex]but you as a jew what happened?where is your home,PALASTINE? why do you need satelites ,air defences,atomic arms,to guarantee yourself a home?you said in Iran you are many! i think around 300,000!but you are allover the world occupying peoples lands! look at the chinese,indians,Iranians,Arabs,Africans etc, all have a home to rest their heads and till their farms.just why dont you have a peacefull home of your own. I THANK GOD the almighty iam at peace with myself and my home Africa A PLACE WHEREBY WE HAVE MORE FRIENDS THAN ENEMIES !!

reply three

anti jewish syndrome--i aked someone to explain if recognising Israel on the part if IRAN is the guarantee to prosperity ,instead of giving an educative insight you hit the roof!now let me answer myself and teach you how to answer questions in the future as you grow up -"recognising Israel is part of humanity. And good co-existing among neighbours is part of Islam,and again this brings peace among nations!" i did expect an answer like this! but being who you are, every answer is an answer!! However thank you ,may peace be upon you!!

reply three

you said i should move away to another blog for being haghty and leaning towards the Iranian regime-you are wrong and some important elements that make one a morraly complete human being are lacking in you!.If you can't afford to convince the world through this blog that you mean good to your country by giving educative and fair insights and answers, how do you convince felow Iranians that your slogan of change means salvation to your motherland.BUT AGAIN YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY FROM YOURSELF! here is my advise from this African saying-"love your critic-for his critism might help you correct your weakeses!and hate your sycofantic friend because his praises of you might make your heart hard and sink deep in rudeness !.

Anonymous said...


Study History the Romans made the Jews homeless.
What's your problem with Israel?
The Arabs have north Africa and most of the middle east why you hate Israel?
If you want to talk about god then god gave Israel to Jews the history is in the bible read it.
Let the Jews be at peace!
Let mankind be at peace!
Don't hate only love and love Israel too!
God bless the old Iran they were true human beings not like the people that rule now which doesn't
reflect on the good Iranian people which I have confidence in.