Friday, June 26, 2015

Crunch Time for Iran Nuclear Talks

Deadline can be Extended to 9 July
As the 30 June deadline for signing JCPOA approaches, major differences remain between Iran and major world powers on several key issues. Scheduling sanctions relief, inspection of non-declared sites suspected of nuclear work, and the duration of limits put on different parts of Iran’s nuclear program are the most contentious.

“The question of access and transparency, PMD (possible military dimensions), and sanctions remain extremely problematic, “ a Western diplomat told Reuters today. “We can find an agreement on some points, but on major issues there are still big differences. (Reuters, 26 June)

Secretary of State John Kerry left Washington this afternoon en route to Vienna, the site of the latest round of talks before the deadline. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif will also arrive in Vienna soon. The French and British foreign ministers are also expected to join the talks, which will start on Saturday.

Meantime, Colin Kahl, Vice President Joe Biden’s national security advisor, said short-term adjustment to the deadline may be necessary to complete the agreement. Kahl said the negotiators are operating under the view that they have until 9 July to complete a deal, Bloomberg reported today. (If a final deal is submitted to Congress before 9 July, legislators have a 30-day review period. If submitted after 9 July, they have a 60-day review period to accept or reject the deal.)


Anonymous said...

But you have said that agreement was reached and one of your predictors has said tbat the agreement was imminent.

Mark Pyruz said...

Negotiating position of SL/IRIG might not be as extreme as previously considered:

Did Khamenei demand immediate sanctions relief?

Nader Uskowi said...

A framework agreement has been reached; in Lausanne on 2 April. Your comment/question on whether the Iranians need to adhere to the principles of the Lausanne framework agreement should be addressed to the office of the supreme leader in Tehran.

Anonymous said...

It is Iran that should a date for final extension and acceptance of its condition.

The West shouls state when and for what the UNSC will be lifted and when and for what Iranian assets will be released among the other things......

This talking mostly by Iranian side doesn't bring a good strategy and they are in position to be blamed by the Western propaganda for " not exercising good faith" and 'rejecting good faith of the West".

Mr. Mousavi had written an article about strategies for the nuclear negotiations, emphasising on Iranian negotiations.

Like it was underlined, the Iranian team has apparently forgotten that a lifting sanctions should be not an outcome but kind of pereguiste, where the West should first describe when and for what they offer to lift all or particular sanctions....

If the Supreme Leader's fatwa, regarding nuclear weapons, is meaningless to the West, they then should not be worried about his other words..... and wait like one of the american panelists on the Charlie Rose TV program suggested to gamble and wait for his demise; which is not my wish.

Anonymous said...

The Leader-for-Life's nonexistent "fatwa" is another lie peddled by West-residing propagandists of the Mollah Regime:

Anonymous said...

Author at 8:30 AM

Your doubts or misrepresentation should be addressed to mr. Zarif, who had said to my best knowledge that "NOTHING IS AGREED IF SOMETHING WAS NOT (yet) AGREED".