Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Iran Navy ‘35th Fleet’ dispatched to Gulf of Aden

According to Press TV on 22JUN15:
The 35th flotilla of the Iranian Navy has set off for high seas to safeguard naval routes for the country’s vessels operating in the region.
The flotilla, consisting of Bandar Abbas auxiliary ship and Alvand destroyer, left the country on Monday after the 34th fleet completed its mission and returned home.
The 34th flotilla, which comprises the Bushehr logistic vessel and Alborz destroyer, had left Iran's southern port city of Bandar Abbas for the Gulf of Aden and the Bab al-Mandab Strait on April 8.
COMMENTARY: The Iran Navy 35th Fleet consists of the following two vessels:

- IRINS Alvand (ex-Saam) (71) Alvand class (Vosper Mk5 type) frigate (FFG)

- IRINS Bandar Abbas (421) Bandar Abbas class light replenishment ship (AORLH)

The 35th Fleet-- like the 34th Fleet it replaces-- consist of naval vessels of the Alvand and Bandar Abbas class.

File imagery of IRINS Alvand (71) frigate

File imagery of IRINS Bandar Abbas (421) light replenishment ship


Anonymous said...

Iran needs more frigates or even a helicopter carrier as these two old relics will wear out with constant use. Secondly, a fleet is at least 4 warships. Iran should buy some Russian or Eastern European moth-balled heavier tonnage destroyers or guided missile cruisers, do a metallurgy upgrade, install new turbo diesel engines and new weapons systems and they are good for another 30 years. These Vospers are relics from the Shah's era and no more than coastal patrol craft for the Persian Gulf. The only reason Iran could not protect its aid convoys to Yemen is shortage of guided missile and air defence naval platforms. A dedicated air warfare ship can shut down the airspace for over hundreds of kilometers if properly armed with modern SAMS.

interested party said...

Please? Who keeps calling these 'fleets'. The Iranians? Or are these systemic western official and media misquotes?

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for the Shah we wouldn't even have these relics to rely upon.

Anonymous said...

Not the western media, but the mullah media which has been exaggerating Iran's capabilities while ignoring realities for domestic consumption. Iranian military today is even outgunned by ISIS which captured $25 billion worth of US equipment. Iranian airforce simply is non-existent, it has less and more antiquated armor than Afghanistan and the "navy" is a rust bucket of coastal patrol craft and machine gun equipped tin can speed boats. It is good thing that US is no longer in a position for a major land war or Iran would be in serious trouble. The mullahs foreign policy is even a worse disaster getting Iran bogged down in Arab mess.

Anonymous said...

They are your propagandas

Anonymous said...

No it is not.It is all moollah propaganda.