Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seyed Hossein Mousavian speaks at U.S. Army War College

Seyed Hossein Mousavian speaks at United States Army War College (USAWC), with video posted 23JUN15 at the USAWC YouTube channel.

It is a credit to the openness and scholastic integrity of USAWC to invite Mousavian to speak at length on the topic of Iranian national security.

The United States Army War College (USAWC) is a United States Army institution in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on the 500 acre (2 km²) campus of the historic Carlisle Barracks. It provides graduate level instruction to senior military officers and civilians to prepare them for senior leadership assignments and responsibilities. Each year, a number of Army colonels and lieutenant colonels are considered by a board for admission.[3] Approximately 800 students attend at any one time, half in a two-year-long distance learning program, and the other half in an on-campus full-time resident program lasting ten months. Upon completion, the college grants its graduates a master's degree in Strategic Studies. [source: Wikipedia]

Hossein Mousavian (born 1957 in Kashan) is an Iranian policymaker and scholar who served on Iran’s nuclear diplomacy team in negotiations with the EU and International Atomic Energy Agency. He currently resides in the United States, where he is a visiting research scholar at Princeton University. [source: Wikipedia]


Anonymous said...

I was expecting some analysis o what he said at the uswc. Hope you can make do with some follow up analysis as usual.

Nader Uskowi said...

Mark, it was also very nice of Dr. Mousavian to have accepted the invitation to visit the Carlisle campus and speak with future leaders of the U.S. Army.

Dr. Mousavian has contributed to enhancing the understanding between the two countries probably more than any other Iranian or American statesmen or scholars. His latest book on Iran-U.S. relations is a classic. We need his efforts, and we need more such statesmen and scholars to repair years of mistrust and animosity between the two governments.

Mark Pyruz said...

Very true, Nader. He's also written an informative book.

Mark Pyruz said...

Will try to put forward a book review in a future post.