Sunday, June 7, 2015

Eco-Park near Shiraz, recently constructed

EcoPark recently constructed and opened to the public roughly three weeks ago in Sadra, a suburb of Shiraz. Note solar-powered park lights adjacent to foot path.

Stone tile and landscaping detail

What appears to be a locally quarried crushed stone surface, offset by a rustic bench

Wooden pedestrian footbridge over artificial creek

Detail of placed boulders bordering artificial creek

Water fowl shaded by boat and oars, beside artificial pond

What may be Mallard hybrid ducks navigating the artificial pond

Stylized park bench at Eco-Park

Bicycycle club on hand at Eco-Park opening to the public. They appear outfitted among a higher standard of living.

Recreation riding aboard MX-type bicycles

Artistically rendered park floral arrangement

Detail of wooden pedestrian footbridge

Detail of Eco-Park park bench

Resting places cut from tree stumps

Detail of Eco-Park park bench

Detail of park bench cut from tree trunk

Eco-Park restroom facilities

What appears to be a Eco-Park refuse box

Photos: Reza Baeedi at

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Anonymous said...

Great they built an "Eco-Park". While more than half of Iran's nature from lake Orumiyeh to Mazandaran forests has been left in utter ruins!