Sunday, June 28, 2015

Iran Vienna Talks: Sunday 28 June

Zarif Going to Tehran for Consultation
Zarif will be going to Tehran Sunday night for consultations with the Khamenei and Rouhani. He will be back in Vienna on Tuesday. It appears the two sides are probably getting close to signing a formal agreement on areas of common understanding, deferring the remaining issues to a new phase of negotiations later. No agreement at all seems not to be an option for either side.

Iran will accept IAEA verification before any lifting of sanctions, diplomats say.

Kerry and Zarif met again today at 6:03 PM; the meeting ended at 6:50 PM. Zarif heading to the airport to go to Tehran for consultation. Kerry will stay in Vienna.

P5+1/EU meeting begins at 2:16 PM.

Kerry-Moghirini  meeting began at 12:22 PM.

EU foreign policy chief Federica Moghirini arrives in Vienna, saying talks are tough but there is a political will for the deal. Moghirini adds that Iran talks are a matter of international security, derived from UN Security Council resolutions.

Zarif to meet British FM at 15:30; Chinese DFM on 16:30; German FM at 17:00.

Chinese DFM says he is happy to see political will on all sides. Talks essential to world peace, he adds.

Kerry-Zarif meeting ends at noon.

German FM: If no deal, all will lose. Iran would remain isolated, and new arms race in an already troubled region could be the result.

The second day of Iran Talks begins in Vienna with a meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and their teams. The meeting started at 10:00.

Sources: Twitter accounts of reporters covering Iran Talks in Vienna

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