Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Killed

Osama Bin Laden during his heydays in Afghanistan where he led the terrorist organization Al Qaeda and its attacks on US soil, including the destruction of the Twin Towers, killing nearly 3,000 people in New York and Washington. Many more were killed in attacks on US Embassy in Kenya, on USS Cole in the Gulf of Aden, and other places across the globe. A CIA and US Special Forces unit took out Bin Laden during a raid on a safe house near Islamabad, Pakistan. His body was buried in the sea. 2 May 2011.

President Obama announcing the successful US operations at the White House

People gathered in front of the White House, chanting U.S.A. and waiving the American flags in simultaneous celebrations after the president made the announcement.

Photos: New York Times


Anonymous said...

Great news but nothing changes..If the CEO of a company dies, that doesn't mean the company's also dead. A new CEO replaces the old and the whole charade continues...

In the mean time, we, as mere civilians will always be the ones caught up in some idiotic world domination political game and suffering revenge attacks by this dangerous terror groups.

So, after ten years with millions dead and billions/trillions of dollars spent, the CEO of a terror organization is killed and buried "IN THE SEA" and we're supposed to be happy?

What about the rest of the company's franchise and vast assets? God help us...

Anonymous said...

I believe this to be untrue

this would be the fourth announcement.

i think this is to hype up a certain social status to generate a tollerance for an upcoming extreem military action.

Like may be like the last 3 times Israel has some operations ahead and needs social back up.

may be GHaza again or Lebanon, could even be Iran considering the 100 and some jets the have stationed in Iraq without flags.

Anonymous said...

Just glad he's dead but it changes nothing, They'll be fighting this so-called War on Terror until the First National Bank of China says differently or until the taxpayers /voters say enough.

Anonymous said...

How come the Pak gov quit protecting Bin Laden?

Persicus Maximus said...

May be you ladies & Gents would like an alternative perspective.(enjoy the read)