Friday, May 20, 2011

Ahmadinejad's Move to Serve as Oil Minister Vetoed

The Guardian Council ruled today that President Ahmadinejad cannot serve as the country’s caretaker oil minister [Fars News Agency, 20 May]. The decision by the Council comes as another attempt by the ruling clerical establishment to limit Ahmadinejad’s powers and influence. Earlier this week, Ahmadinejad had announced that he was taking on the job of oil minister on a caretaker capacity after firing his oil minister. Ahmadinejad was to preside over an OPEC meeting scheduled to take place in June in Vienna. Iran holds the rotating presidency of OPEC.


Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad is going down in flames, it seems.

Anonymous said...

I believe that this is a good move. We cannot have crazy peoples representing us in world matters.

Ahmadinejad should only talk about the weather stuff.