Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Islamic Republic: What Kind of Government?

By Nader Uskowi

A leading conservative member of Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) from Isfahan, Hamid Reza Fouladgar, has defined the government in the Islamic Republic:

“The legitimacy of all institutions of the regime comes from the Supreme Leader. This means the laws passed by Majlis need to be approved by the Guardian Council and the president, regardless of how many votes he has received in the election, does not have any legitimacy until the Supreme Leader says so, and the Judiciary is appointed by the Supreme Leader. The country under the leadership of the Supreme Leader can be managed in best possible way” [Tabnak, 19 May].

Mr. Fouladgar, the governmental system you are describing is called fascist. Our hope is that the rest of government leaders do not agree with your assessment.


Anonymous said...

When did this blog become a Neocon joint? Did the blogger of this site changed recently?

FYI, Fascism is an extreme from of nationalism, which is an ideology rooted in racial theories. The Neocon term "Islamofascism" (if that's where you got your fascist term from) is an oxymoron. Islamism and fascism are not ideologically compatible, though it could be said that both groups are a pain in the ass to deal with -- that off course depends largely on your own perceived conflict of interest as compared to the that group.

The type of government in Iran is typical to what's normally found in the 3rd world: chaotic, corrupt, police states, with a few central figures pulling the strings.

Anonymous said...

Nader, the Islamic Republic does NOT fit into the political definition of fascism. Here is an overview of fascism:

Now, you might try to claim that the Islamic Republic possesses a few elements of fascism. but bear in mind detractors of conservative American politics do the same.

Anonymous said...

Facism - the go to word to describe something you don't like.

Perhaps you should read up on facism.

Anonymous said...

Let put things in Perspective here. It's not Iran that's invaded and occupying Afghanistan and Iraq as we speak. It's not Iran that's given green light to Saudi troops to use MILITARY FORCE to suppress freedom protesters in Bahrain. It's not Iran that send billions worth of weapons to a tiny European colony in the ME to kill anyone that disagrees with them..

If the Islamic Republic is fascist, I'll certainly choose it over the others that claim to be "democratic" but doing all the things mentioned above.

Does it really matter what kind of government Iran has? Will any other system make all of Iran's problems go away? As far as I'm concerned (somebody correct me if I'm wrong), China is classified as a communist/fascist state yet it's the world's second largest economy and the West have no problem dealing with her.

Anyone heard the latest Obama IAPAC saturated speech that missed the target - even for some IAPAC nutters?
He never seems to amaze people. This snake oil salesman still continues to blame Iran even as his own puppets are under pressure. Apparently according to Obama, it's Iran that's instigating popular revolution in Bahrain and elsewhere and therefore his puppets are justified to suppress them. Sick!!!

What a great day for "democracy"!!!

Nader Uskowi said...

I believe the comments made and the anger shown here should have been directed to Mr. Fouladgar and his faction inside Majlis! (he made those remarks during a speech in Majlis). Mr. Fouladgar is an influential member of the conservative faction of Majlis, and the definition offered here on how the government of the Islamic Republic should function, and according to him how the government does function, comes directly from him. The last part of this short post is actually a polemic with Mr. Fouadgar, telling him what he says is a statement expected from someone with fascist tendencies.

Fouladgar of course speaks for himself and his faction, but there is a tragic fact that this type of thinking is spreading inside the country. Attacking this blogger is like attacking a messenger without paying attention to the message. Everyone who cares about the country and its future needs to be extremely alarmed and uncomfortable with this trend.

Anonymous said...

The author of this blog needs to educate himself as to what fascism really is. If he continues to throw labels such as this around, his opinion will loose its value faster than the Iranian currency. This blog went from a semi-professional collection of writings to the gossip column of some grumpy dissident.

reader said...

The type of political system advocated by Mr Hamid Reza Fouladgar  is fascism in spirit, nature and deed if not by definition.  He is literally  saying that  the election was only a facade, a pretense at democracy,  and the Iranian people are just sheep in the supreme leader’s garden.

military boots said...

It's not Iran that's authorized Saudi troops to use military force to suppress freedom protesters in Bahrain. I don't consider this a form of fascism in its idealogy.

Saeed said...

Irans government system is like the United Nations and the permanent countries with veto powers , where the supreme leader has the veto power .

If u have any problem with Iran's system first correct the UN . Iran will follow the footsteps.