Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Iran Defense Minister Visits Bolivia, Causing Controversy

Iran’s Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi today visited Bolivia to inaugurate a military academy that was built with Iran's help. The Bolivian government soon received a notice from Argentina that the general was wanted by that country for being the alleged mastermind of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires and was subject to an Interpol red notice issued in 2007. The Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca told reporters that he informed his Argentine counterpart that at the request of the Bolivian government the Iranian defense minister cut his trip short and has since left Bolivia.

"I want to express in the name of the Government of Bolivia my deepest apologies (to Argentina)," said Choquehuanca in a letter sent to the Argentine foreign minister and published by news agencies [AP, 31 May]. "As a result of this regrettable situation, the government of Bolivia has taken the corresponding provisions to see to it that Ahmad Vahidi immediately leaves Bolivian territory," the letter said.


Anonymous said...

Who is ridiculing who here...Argentina for needing to suck up to Israel or is it the other way round. Them Argentina) needing the IMF to finance their corrupt political system forces such moves to initiate and secure the next loan.

Anonymous said...

So the terrorist had to leave with his tail between his legs !!!
And this was Bolivia whos president was eating "Abgusht" and playing football with Ahmadinejad !! hahaha
What a good friend of the "Islamic Republic of Iran" in latin America!

Anonymous said...

Sharon is/was a terrorist,... Israeli Pres. is a terrorist (remember the "grapes of wrath ") he killed 200 Palestinian children with 1 single strike !

remeber that bitch of a murderer Livi or whatever she is called ?? she killed and harvested organs of more Palestinians than sharon in a decade...

could go on.. you stay in Tel aviv till moses comes and saves u.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Sharon is a terrorist. I am not in Tel Aviv. The palestinians should absolutely have their own country, but the Mullahs are traitors to Iran and the Iranian nation.