Sunday, May 29, 2011

Abadan Explosion an Accident – Majlis Report

An Iranian parliamentary inquiry into the explosion at Abadan Refinery during the visit of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has found not foul play or act of sabotage. The report by Majlis blames a gas linkage as the cause of the explosion and the ensuing fire that killed at least two people and injured dozens more. The incident occurred in a newly constructed part of the refinery that was to produce high-grade gasoline. Sanctions are in effect on the sale odf gasoline to the country.

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Anonymous said...

This "news" was not even worth commenting on but just to dispel the "conspiracy theorists", the fact is that Iran has expedited the expansion of its Petroleum refining capacity to quickly overcome western "sanctions" and as a matter of national pride.

Some of the work was done in haste and obviously accidents do happen in such a volatile industry. In any case Iran is today a net exporter of refined petrolueum products thanks to this rapid expansion of domestic refining capacity. Contrary to wishful western thinking Iranian economy did not come to a halt due to gasoline shortages or consumers face any lines at gas pumps as touted by Iran's enemies. In actuality, Iranians once again proved their ingenuity and industrious talent by increasing self-sufficiency. RIP to the two technicians killed by the accident.