Saturday, May 21, 2011

Iran Uncovers Spy Network – Intelligence Ministry

Iran's Intelligence Ministry announced today that it has arrested at least 30 people allegedly linked to a spy network in the country. In a statement read on state-run TV, the intelligence agency claimed that its agents uncovered the CIA-run network seeking to recruit Iranian spies through US diplomatic missions in UAE, Turkey and Malaysia. The recruits were said to have been asked to spy on Iran’s research institutes, universities, nuclear programs, and other sites. The Intelligence Ministry did not identify the detainees nor did it provide the time and place of their arrests.

The announcement of the uncovering of the spy network coincides with claims by the extremist elements in anti-Ahmadinejad camp that people close to the president might be working for foreign powers, and an ultra-conservative publication called for the arrest of Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, Ahmadinejad’s chief of staff and his political confidant.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised they don't release the names and pictures of the 43 CIA officers they say they have.
they really should do this, like the UAE police that released and neutralized the 30 Israeli terror commando (assassins)

Now those assassins are uncovered and even their mothers know they have thrown murderers into this world

same should be done to these 43.

imagine the audacity, the American vulture mentality wants to have money from Iran because of 9/11

Anonymous said...

@Anno 4:38
better donot relase the name of CIA officiers. if you do this, they ,
will duck himself and change the job.

you donot know their successor

better you let them working and watch them what they do

Anonymous said...

all spies and traitors anywhere should be punished and I mean punished severely, if they are male then maybe LA penitentiary is a good start.