Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CBI Releases Limited Data for Economic Growth

After refusing to publish the country’s rate of economic growth for the past three years, Central Bank of Iran (CBI) announced today that the rate of growth for the Iranian calendar year 1388 (ending March 2010) was at 3.5%. CBI’s Vice Governor Hossein Ghazavi talking to reporters in Tehran did not release the rate of growth for the most recent year 1389 (ending last March); and as for the year 1387 (ending March 2009), he said the rate was “very small.”

CBI’s limited and incomplete release of data on the growth rate raised more questions and did not help restore the confidence in the statistics published by the Central Bank. CBI’s statistics and forecasts were once the most reliable for the country.

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Anonymous said...

have to be carful when releasing such data.. its an indicator for the success and failure of sanctions.. thats why it has to be falsified to confuse anti Iranians