Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One Step Too Far

Netanyahu really thought that Iran should be attacked before the elections to the White House – however, has become more moderated after realizing that he exaggerated with interference in the U.S. political system.”

An Israeli perspective by Ofer Shelah (Ma’ariv)
Translated by Viktoria Lymar (IranEdge)

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Photo Credit: Israel Hayom/IranEdge


Anonymous said...

Netanyahu is an obnoxious liar.

This was even confirmed by Sarkozy and Obama himself.

Anonymous said...

Obama wins by slight margin.



Focus on Syria and Lebanon, close off.

Put Tehran in the box and contain.

No attack.

Defense build up in M.E. expands, as a result... UAE Saudi etc. nuclear "studies" follow

+ up Pakistan.

To the well intentioned... Iran will soon join North Korea as a nuclear weapon state...
"keep talking" ? how many more?

How about Sudan or Nigeria? keep talking? When Nigeria announces a "peaceful" nuclear program, shall they be talked into submission too?

mat said...

Israel is too little, too folly and too far to take on IRAN.

Mark Pyruz said...

No country threatens another for years with an attack.

Obviously, all along the Israeli intention has been to involve the United States into a war of Israel's choosing. Everything else is just noise.

Anonymous said...

The 'complicit' commentary from General Dempsey really spooked the top brass. But, I am obligated to caution everyone that 'Yahoo is dazed but not resigned. All he needs is a loyal general from the Strategic Ballistic Forces to launch one missile into Iran.

His speech before the General Assembly is key. I repeat, no one has held the type of power he possess right now since Adolf Hitler. The Most Powerful Man on Earth mantel will not expire until midnight, November 6, 2012. This is a powerful aphrodisiac that none of us can fathom.



Anonymous said...

7:44AM 2COLD,

If "he" is re-elected, counter to perceived plan, once "he" has locked in another term, his powers will be still greater, Israel, not expecting what follows, may be suppressed and stalled more re Iran nuclear. This forces Israel to own it, and make it clear to the world... uncle sam not "complicit"
...And if Israel does nothing but build defense systems, they will be fighting forever and enemy that grows ever stronger... and "he" imho, does not really care- i.e. if "he" is reelected, Israel will become even more a friend in word only.
"he" is pushing Israel to "do it"
Tehran is correct to take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

4:56 PM, If I understand what you are trying to say, this article in “Gantz: War will Knock Lebanon Back by Decades,” has Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz admitting that “A nuclear Iran is not a question of ability, but rather one of decision. This is a global problem. Ultimately, the one who will decide to relinquish the nuclear program is Iran,” the Chief of the Staff said in an interview to Halochem magazine, which is published by the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization. He went on to say, “Iran is a great nation with tens of millions of residents, universities, economic and scientific capabilities; we can’t take that away from them. I think that is a very rich culture that must decide, ultimately, that this is not the way. I think that ultimately, it will make the decision. The Iranian leadership will decide that the price of sticking with its [nuclear] program is more than it is willing to pay.”

Finally, a voice of reason from the wilderness. He is acknowledging what anyone who has read my posts since 11/20/11 at 5:51 AM already knew – Iran is a nuclear power. If these are his true words, THERE WILL BE NO WAR – WW3 IS AVERTED FOR NOW!