Saturday, September 8, 2012

Canada Closes Embassy in Tehran

Expels Iranian Diplomats in Canada

Canada has suspended diplomatic relations with Iran, closing its embassy in Tehran and giving all Iranian diplomats in Canada five days to leave the country. Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird called Iran the biggest threat to global security. Baird cited Iran's nuclear program, its hostility toward Israel and Iranian military assistance to the government of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. He also said Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism.

"Canada views the government of Iran as the most significant threat to global peace and security in the world today," Baird said. (Reuters, 7 September)

Canada's 10 diplomats in Iran have already left Tehran. There are currently 17 Iranian diplomats in Canada.

"Iranian diplomats in Ottawa have been instructed to leave within five days," Baird said.


Anonymous said...

I think the Canadian move is reckless and is driven by radicalism in its own right; hundred of thousands of Iranian are living in Canada and that is not the way they should be addressed; however, the move reveals one important point in regard to which USA and EU are ambiguous, where they should not be;the Canadian move shows that the real problem does not lie in the question of uranium enrichment; the real problem is about the right of Israel to existence and recognition; it is obvious that EU and USA should ask Iran publicly to recognize the rights of Israel as a nation - publicly; at least Iran should be forced to sign a non-aggression treaty with Israel; if Iran wants a real war with Israel then it should face the consequences - that should be the common demand of the West; but EU and USA don't ask Iran for this public announcement; Why? Do they believe that some form of antisemitism is useful after all and should be kept - somehow by some Idiot - alive? Instead of asking Iran to recognize the rights of Israel they talk about Uranium Enrichment, which is to some extend the right of every nation; they put sanctions on Iranian people in order NOT to ask the regime to recognize the rights of Israel as a nation; the Canadian move reveals this very dishonesty of the West; they are they are obscuring the problem – and the solution.

Anonymous said...

not realy a lose for iran.
Iran- Canadian trade was strong reduced in last year
so there is no economical affect.
a few iranin student can not receive money from iran.
which is not too bad for iran, do not let money out.
They can study some where else or work for their university fee

The rest of iranian-canadian have canadian passport and donot need money or make buisness with iran

one embasyy lesss to collect intelligence information about iran and deliver it to cia or mossad.

Anonymous said...

What the hell was the point of this?

Anonymous said...

one embasyy lesss to collect intelligence information about iran and deliver it to cia or mossad. -----

and this comment shows that it is minds that have's a " westerners are all spies and enemies " mentality that is leading the ignorant among the Iranians into endorsing the propaganda and isolationism
that the theocrats feed to them.
Outsiders as enemies masks the very real damage that the regime is doing to Iran....and can't be ignored,even by the ignorant, for much longer

Anonymous said...

We now have one less spy den in Iran. I'm good with that.

Anonymous said...

they closed their embassy due to direction come from america and israel. obey the boss

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36 AM

"not realy a lose for Iran."

@To a typical regime apologist.

No,not REALLY a LOSS to Iran at all!

After all,there are 400 thousand Iranians living in Canada and the regime stooges invested the stolen money there.

Now all the regime apologists can migrate to Zimbabwe or better still,North Korea,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:36 AM

Many THX and apologize for my bad English.
but anyway 400,000 Iranian living in Kanda, so what ?
1,5 Mill Iranian living in US and US-Iran donot have any diplomatic relation since 30 Years.

so by the way
There is no Iran investment in Canda. The Money will be frozen Immediately
as pres Ahmadi nejad 2005 coming to power , he ordered to move the Iranian Economy toward Asia-Pazifik , Africa and South America
of courase Zimbamwe and Nord Corea are not fine , but India,China,,Russia ,
Brazil . South Africa are much better
and you have to learen the Iran does not any Relation with declinig power of Western countreies.
16000 Billion $ US Dept, and declinig of Euro means you cabn forget US/Europe.

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad they closed the Iranian embassy in Canada.

The reasons were that the Islamic terrorist regime has anti Iranian traitors,spies and assassins among the honest and free thinking Iranian community. Coupled with the terrorist regimes desperate support for that genocidal Assad regime.
The problem the freedom loving hard working honest Iranian community have in Canada as well as LA in US is the infiltration of filthy IRI agents to try and corrupt the pure Iranian people with their conspiracies,filth and agendas.
So yes,I am extremely happy these low life obnoxious thieving scum have been evicted and sent back to the dungeon by the name of Iran.

I give Canada a Gold Olympic medal!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:27 PM

No of course Iran doesn't need the West or come to think of it,the world.
Don't worry,pretty soon even India and some Asian countries will kick out the so called diplomats from their countries.
Don't forget China is being run by Western companies and they export largely to the West,so therefor they are answerable to the West.
They must play the game as the west pleases or else they will suffer with their exports.
You and that regime you fanatically support are living in denial.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shoot, eh?

I hope german embassy in Tehran closes, too. Ever been there? You have to go there at least 3 times, let yourself being insulted and pay 60 euro for a Beglaubigung (2,50 in germany!). Get the hell out of here...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:58 PM

Ha Ha Ha Ha!!
Don't worry the German embassy will close very soon.
And then the sub-chicken brains will say one more embassy less!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:27 PM
"in MAO TSETUNG We Trust"

I doubt India will kick of Iranian diplomat.
even one week ago the India PM was present in Tehran in NAM Meeting among many other President and statechiefs.

by the way
The China is run by Western Companies was yesterday.
Todsay The USa and EU ist run by
China fonds and companies

You gays never realized the world is changed.
never realized the best friend of iran is the globalization

Unknown said...

@anon 5:51
I assume you meant "guys", not gays. Fraudian slip eh!

Anonymous said...


What spies are you talking about? Which Iranian diplomat in Canada has been accused as a spy? If the reason as to why Iran's embassy in Canada has been closed is due to Iran's support for Assad, then why has Canada not closed Russia and China's embassy? John Baird also cites the 1979 US embassy hostage taking as a reason for closing the embassy. Really? You want to chastise Iran for an event that happened over 30 years ago? Why now, Mr. Baird? There have been regular attacks against the former Iranian embassy in Ottawa by disgruntled Iranian-Canadians, at one point protestors had entered the Iranian embassy, but Iran never closed its embassy and end diplomatic relations.

Israel murdered a Canadian UN peace keeper in Lebanon in 2006. In addition, Israel murdered 7 Canadian-Lebanese civilians in Lebanon. Canada didn't say a word against Israel, they continued supporting "Israel's right to defend itself". The Harper government is composed of lunatics who would place America and Israel's interests before Canada's.

This means absolutely nothing to the Iranian regime. It does hurt Iranian-Canadians. One less place for Iranian students to immigrate to (what sort of effect would this have on Iran's brain drain?).

So, thank you Mr. Baird, Harper, Nazanin Afshin Jam, and all the other lunatics in Canada. You have hurt the Iranian people and done nothing to its government.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:51 PM

You spurt your dribble all over if you like.But the reality of the situation is China will side with the West because they have more to gain,not with the terrorist regime.

Anonymous said...

The British colony was simply fed up being constantly called by Israel, ordering them to do this about Iran and that about Syria......

So they simply cut the leash dragging down their self esteem.

A very irrational and silly move.

But really of little relevance

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:34 AM

Well well well,it's the hypocrite that lives in London.

What I like to know is,when they closed down the nest of assassins in London,how come they forgot to take you with them?

Anonymous said...

Canada closes its embassy as a wake-up call to the Iranians.

The arrogance of the pipsqueak regime in Tehran is dragging Iran into danger.

and the world remembers how little the pipsqueaks honor embassies.

Anonymous said...

Which countries citizens will Iran's leadership take hostage if Israel or US attack or sabatouge Iran's nuclear sites?

How many western countries have an embassy with staff in Iran?

I think the smart countries are removing all their people from their embassies in Iran now.

Anonymous said...

Dariush of course is disingenuous and this time actually funny in suggesting that Canada was "fed up with Israel" and so cutting diplomatic ties with the Iranian government.

That is the level of lunatic illogic which stooges of the Iranian regime resort in trying to erase the overwhelmingly obvious.

Might as well try claiming that if Canada cut ties with Israel it would be because Canadians were weary of comments from Iranian stooges in London.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:26 PM

Russia and China don't provide the ground troops that are sent in to commit genocide on behalf of Assad's regime.

Yes spies,the type that are sent across the world to spy and disrupt the members of the Iranian communities opposition towards the Islamic regime.

"An event that happened over 30 years ago?"
Have you conveniently forgotten what happened with the British embassy back in 2011?

If you're concerned about the Iranian brain drain,then ask your masters to give up their murderous reign of terror in Iran. And let the Iranians choose their own destiny without being imprisoned tortured and murdered.

Anonymous said...


Could you prove to me that Iran does have ground troops in Syria? Russia and China have openly supported Assad, and there is just as much evidence that they are arming Assad as there is evidence to show that Iran has troops on the ground. Don't try to weasel your way out of this. Baird simply noted Iranian aid to Assad; he did not mention what sort of aid specifically.

"Yes spies,the type that are sent across the world to spy and disrupt the members of the Iranian communities opposition towards the Islamic regime.

WHO? Name me one. Name me one Iranian-Canadian spy/assassin. Who is hurting the Iranian-Canadian community? What are their names?

The British embassy in Iran was never stormed either. There were protests at the British embassy, a few Basijis had climbed the wall of the British embassy and caused minor damage. It's a shame Iranian police were not allowed to punch the Basiji rats in the face and bring it under control sooner, nevertheless, nobody had entered the British embassy.

The British by the way didn't say Iran is genocidal evil terrorist. They suspended diplomatic relations but they didn't burn down bridges, there is possibility of re-establishing relations. Canada on the other is making sure that there is permanent end to diplomatic relations.

Keep on blurting out your accusations as to my affiliation. You, like 99% of exiled Iranians, have no shame and are willing to accuse everyone of being an IR stooge just because they disagree with your mindless political views. You are exactly the same as the Islamic Republic in this regard - they blame everything on the west, you blame everything on the Islamic Republic. Newsflash: the situation is much more complicated than it seems.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:56 PM

1.Those so called "pilgrims"who were captured by the free Syrian army showed they had IRGC ID cards.
Looks like you're try to cover up and weasel yourself out of it.

2.The Iranian community are well aware of some of these characters.

3.You believe that BS.Every demonstration outside of embassies in Iran since 1979 was orchestrated by the regime leadership.And the last one was no different.

4.What matters is the Iranian people know that the regime is a genocidal one.

5.You wouldn't know the meaning of shame if it slapped you across the face.

As for your political affiliation it's very clear who you are supporting on these pages.

You are a typical IRI double standard two faced agent pretending to be independent of thought.
Don't try to pull wool over my eyes you little fibber.I read you like a book.

Anonymous said...

1. Now how do you propose that the 48 military men were riding an ordinary bus, unescorted and allowed themselves to be hijacked? Your "theory" smacks of nonsense. There is a brisk trade of religious tourism in Syria where thousands of Iranians visit Syria's Shi'ite shrines yearly and many Iranians are permanent residents in Syria. If these men were of military profession, why would as many as 48 of them allow themselves to be taken prisoners by a small party of armed rebels? Why were they going en route to a major pilgrimage site and above all, why were they unarmed and unescorted? Showing identification of the men who have undergone compulsory military service is no proof of anything.

The very fact that you must rely on the words of the FSA shows how biased you are.

2. Quit dodging my questions give me some names, or be honest for a change and admit your assertions are baseless as usual.

3. You obviously didn't grasp the meaning of what I said. I never said anything about the IR's role in the 2011 British embassy incident. My point was that there was NO threat to the Canadian embassy in Iran. They cite the 2011 incident as one of the reasons as to why Canada closed its embassy, but why would they do this after almost a year? Why not effective immediately like Norway? Why burn all bridges, even though the British did not do so despite being the targets?

4. What does this have to do with ANYTHING I said? Quit being a parrot.

5. Friend, you would have to jump and swing up in order to slap my knees, let alone my face. Save your petty insults for someone else.

If these are your supposed reading skills, then I'm surprised you are capable of functioning on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18 PM

You're loosing your marbles and beginning to sound very foolish.
And as one knows,one can't reason with a foolish person.
All the evidence is in front of you.But you naively try to twist every detail around as if the Islamic regime and their adherents are some sort of innocent little lambs.
Your reaction towards me,telling you that you wouldn't know the meaning of shame if it struck you across the face is very infantile at the least. What next Mighty Mouse,my daddy is bigger than your daddy?
My reading skills are just fine.It's you that require significant reading in manners and education instead of acting like a lewd echo chamber.
You function unsurprisingly through hate,lies and being ill mannered towards Iranians who speak the truth against the Islamic regime.

Anonymous said...


So now this what you have been reduced to - ignoring and skewing my statements and instead focusing making baseless assertions such as "all the evidence is in front of you" and "You function unsurprisingly through hate,lies and being ill mannered towards Iranians" (whereas it was you who rudely used ad homs against me by first accusing me of being an IR stooge).

Good day, and keep this conversation in mind before you comment on other articles.

Anonymous said...

There is a singular idiot here that (he/she) acts as if being more than one person by leaving comments implying it to come form various sources.

It is idiotic because its so transparent, one can immediately recognize the stable this one person has been raised in, by the bitter and irrational literature being used.

I ignore and stop reading as soon as i recognize the writting, I recommend all of us should do so.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:07Pm

"Iranian people know.....a genocidal one"

Iranian and other people know, that some prominent regime's opponents, in differen countries, had suicidal tendencies...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:56AM

You state that;
"EU and USA should ask recognize the rights of Israel as a nation....Iran should be forced to sign a...treaty with Israel."

Instead, I and every person with a logic would demand that the UN, EU and the US should force zionist entity to recognize the rights of millions of Palestinian refugees for a return to their and their ancestors' birthplaces and that they have the rights for compensations and to vote...

Anonymous said...

nobody has a "right" to return to their ancestors birthplace........or everyone has that "right"

Anonymous said...

It's so good to know that the House of Islamist Parasites was closed down in Canada!
Now their Aghazadehs and batoolehs must go to North Korea or Zimbabwe for their shopping trips,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:06 AM

How about the rights of the Iranian citizenry under the occupation and torture by the maniac genocidal theocracy?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:21PM

The Iranian citizenry (by over 63% participation) in the 2009 and 2012elections, had exercized its voting rights and supported electoral rules of the Islamic Republic of Iran...

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 AM

Tell those lies to the idiots that are the followers of the genocidal terrorist theocracy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:57 AM......Wow,the votes were counted within a few minutes,not even a Supercomputer is that fast! And anyway,Khameini decided who the winner would be.
Didn't those 100 people "exercised" their voting rights like Neda before they were barbarically gunned down?
How about the hundreds of voters that "exercised" their rights and were imprisoned tortured raped and murdered?
But I know what your lame and fabricated excuse would be.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:41PM

Neda's friend (fiance), Caspian, who controlled and used her, fled; after her death, to israel and even met Peres...

Supercomputers used in the US 2000 election, somehow lost votes too, maybe because they were too fast...

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31 PM

HA HA HA! Looks like you're itching all over!

Of course there were irregularities in the US regarding Bush,but nothing compared to Islamic "republic". They broke all records!

As for that innocent Neda and her boy friend,he fled because the filthy swines tried to make him lie or else regime kill him!

You are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself when you lie on behalf of the regimes assassins who killed Neda.

I hope you sleep easy at nights after what you just said because evil might just pay you a visit!

Anonymous said...

Good to know the Islamic embassy (No Iranian embassies exist)was closed down in Canada.
All the Aghazadehs,Sandist khors and their Basiji ye Sighei were thrown out,LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8;32pm

Looks like you are afraid evil too,
because you have to disguise yourself as an anon...

Someone can pinpoint your location by the electronic means (unless you already do so)...and you should consider to replace your HA! HA! HA! signature.

And there is one issue more - your logic needs an adjustment due to your beliefs that over 10 mln vote's difference had given Mousavi a "human" right to claim that he is a winner...

Iranian israel's supporters broke all records of propaganda and lies by claiming that someone who had 10 million less votes becomes a winner!!!

Be concerned that an evil will not nulify your future pension rights and properties - for doing your futile job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:47 AM

"because you have to disguise yourself as an annon..."

So why are you disguising yourself hypocrite?

"Someone can pinpoint your location by electronic means..."

I wish that "someone" all the luck in the world,Einstein!

"And there is one issue more..."

Mousavi is the same filthy murderer as the rest of the criminal regime!

"...for doing your futile job."

If what I'm doing is futile,then why are you constantly itching for it?