Thursday, September 13, 2012

U.S., Allies to Launch Naval Exercises

Largest Ever in Mideast Region

The U.S. Navy and allied forces will conduct the largest naval exercise ever in the Middle East. The focus is on countering the threat of anti-ship mines. The maneuvers will start on Sunday and last through 27 September. France, Japan, Jordan, New Zealand and 30 other countries will take part in the exercises. (AP, 13 September)

Photo credit: USS Dexrous (front) and USS Sentry in line to conduct underwater replenishment. U.S. Navy 5th Fleet. August 2012. (AP Photo/U.S. Navy, Toni Burton) 


Anonymous said...

Whats the point of it.

Its like hoping Iran would resort to such an act (mining) and not simply sink ships from their shores???. (which is safer and cheaper and more effective.)

But it is actually to shut Israel up and not scare Iran off.

Dariush London.

Anonymous said...

It is logical from a military point of view, that before any mining would happen, any western warships in that area should be "neutralized", before that mining operation.