Thursday, September 27, 2012

China: Iran Nuclear Talks at “Crucial Stage”

China said on Thursday that the Iran’s controversial nuclear program had reached “a new, crucial stage,” calling for Tehran to begin a new round of talks with world powers. (Reuters, 27 September)

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi made the comment after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew a “red line” for Iran's uranium enrichment program during his speech at the U.N. General Assembly. Netanyahu said if Iran acquired enough medium-enriched (20 percent purity) uranium to be able to convert it into highly enriched fuel to build a nuclear weapon it would have crossed the red line and could face military action. The prime minister said at the current pace, Iran should reach that stage in 6-9 months. 

“The Iranian nuclear issue has reached a new, crucial stage,” Yang said in a speech at the U.N. General Assembly. “The relevant parties should remain committed to a diplomatic solution and begin a new round of dialogue as soon as possible.” (Reuters)


Anonymous said...

There they go again, the Chinese, that is. When they make their neutral statements, really, is that news? When a Nation, as nondescript as the Chinese can be at times, says nothing, is it news!? What can possibly be discerned from “a new, crucial stage?” Ashton and Jalili just met and she was going to the UNGA to consult with P5+1. Netanyahu just walked back from the brink by setting a 90% red line (See “NETANYAbooHU: The Sobbing Realities of a THREE TRILLION DOLLAR World War” at … for the reasons why) and all our Chinese friends had to say was blah…blah, blah…bland.

My question is this (be honest with yourselves), could Yang's speech have been made prior to Netanyahu's red line speech without any change in its content? That's why I am growing tired of the Chinese doubletalk. If you are not going to matter then shut the Puck-up.


Anonymous said...

it gives evidence to the fact that the Chinese don't support the iranian position and that all those braying that the Chinese will fight for iran, should it come to fighting, are foolish.

Unknown said...