Friday, September 28, 2012

Iranian earthquake victims left in the cold!

Photo credit: Fars news, Fars news,, jaras

Fars news in a rare coverage of regime incompetence, posted a story (in Persian only) about the Iranian earthquake survivors trying to survive the rain and cold while still in tents.
"باران پاییزه سر از چادر زلزلهزدگان ورزقان درآورد
خبرگزاری فارس: بارش باران از ظهر امروز در مناطق زلزلهزده ارسباران آغاز شده و مشکلاتی را برای زلزلهزدگان در این منطقه به وجود آورده است."

Forty five days ago, the Iranian regime used the earthquake victims as a poster child for Iranian suffering under western sanction. The post political drama status of these same earthquake victims demonstrate that the Iranian regime is unmoved by their continued suffering, now that the world is no longer looking.

The earthquake of Azerbaijan, Iran, was centered in a mountainous region were the weather is turning very cold this time of the year. Fars news reports that "the temperature is now 5 degrees Celsius" (41 Fahrenheit) and  that the "area is experiencing rain and hail". The earthquake survivors are enduring this while still in tents which are obviously inadequate for this type of weather. They have no running water, no electricity, and no heat as they sleep in sleeping bags wearing everything they own.

The government of Iran seems more interested in arresting the volunteers coming to the aid of the earthquake victims, than actually providing logistical support for the people to service the cold weather.
The highlight of the regime action in the earthquake area was the arrest of 36 activist and bloggers on August 22, 2012, like Navid Khanjani and Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, who went to the earthquake area as volunteers to help the victims (see their photo above taken before their arrest). For more on this go to:

If the capabilities of the regime are so limited that it can't provide adequate housing for a few thousands earthquake victims, how can it back its claims that it stands ready for an all out war with Israel and the US?


Anonymous said...

pro-zionist sanction supporter like you has no right to use this,

also kind of trumps your no freedom of speech thing in iran,

the real job of the media is to oversight government function such as the economy which the iranian media are more free then the west ofcourse they are restricted in terms of social policey

Anonymous said...

Disgusting,dishonest dirt bags,that's what this filthy theocracy is all about!

A shameless rabble of story tellers thieves and double standard back stabbing liars.

They will pay for all this suffering and criminality that they have caused for our nation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:57 PM

The problem with people like you and the regime that they support is that they have their heads right up the so called "Zionists" backside both day and night and think nothing for the plight of Iranians only Palestinians.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry if you find these truths embarrassing.
Feel free to set the record straight if you find any of the facts posted to be inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

--- 5:57 PM---

that was an embarrassingly inept and inane comment.

and obviously it was a treacherous Zionist sanction-supporting earthquake that's to blame for the fact that the noble theocrats can't be bothered to put up some decent shelters after a month and a half.

Anonymous said...

Mr Uskowi ,Dr Fazili !
Thank you for your sympathy towards us Iranians !
In return please accept my condolences for loss of a hundred of your fellow Americans in the superstorm Sandy its a shame that your corrupt government is unable to provide proper housing for 50'000 devastated homeless people in the affected regions!

Unknown said...

@ anon 1:09
If Iran was hit with sandy I would predict that the loss of services would have lasted 6 months. It's been less than week here and no one is suffering like Iranians in Azerbaijan still do.

As it is, most people affected have a place to stay and not living in tents. The American Red Cross which I had the pleasure of working with, hands out hotel vouchers while alternate housing becomes available.

At the end of the day if there are short comings they won't be swept under the rug, no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Dr Fazeli,
I'm sorry if you find these truths embarrassing.
Feel free to set the record straight if you find any of the facts posted to be inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:39 AM

The truths??

The truths are that the mullahcracy consists of nothing but free loading ex-vagrants,thieving liars and murderers,all by the name of "Clergy"

Unknown said...

@anon 1:39
No discomfort at all, I welcome the chance to compare the ausome relief effort in the USA compared to the third rate relief effort in Azerbaijan Iran.

You are right about the figure 50,000 but you are wrong about everything else. 50,000 "may neeed to be relocate from their homes" to temporary shelters or housing. That's not the same as 50.000 Americans left without help in tents and suffering from tent fires as they try to keep warm using flimsy heaters. As it is, every area has been visited by the Red Cross and for those without power there are warming centers set up. There are at least 2 million people without power as of today compared to more than 8 million 48 hours ago. Yes, relief effort is measured by "hours" here, not by "months" like in Azerbaijan Iran.

To give you some prospective, the earthquake in Iran affected thousands, and hurricane sandy affected most of the east cost of America and millions lost power or have been affected one way or another.

The USA makes disaster relief a science and learns from every event (like Katrina). We also dont blame it on god or iran or even global warming. its a disater and there are professionals in charge of simply dealing with it.

For sandy, the Red Cross and FEMA mobilized their teams and placed them in the path of the disaster to allow them to provide services immediately. there are still active, and their work will take months to complete. In fact a new storm coming on Wednesday will have to be taken into account.

Btw, i inow thats not a consideration in a thrid world country, but even pets are being rescued and cared for here until the owners are able to care for them again.

I won't bore you with links to every city, state and federal website with information on the disaster relief, but I am including a link about the Red Cross efforts as of today, and a link on the humane society efforts on pet rescue.

Keep in mind that unlinke Iran, the United States' free media is following events by the hour and the public is aware of every shortcoming when it happens.


Latest as of today on the Red Cross relief effort:

Animal rescue efforts in hurricane sandy area:

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:39 AM

When the earthquake happened in Iran,it was not mentioned for over 24 hours and even by then the dear leader didn't utter a word.
Ahmadinejad jetted off to Saudi to cleanse himself from his sins,LOL!

By comparing the fascist Islamic terrorist theocracy to the USA is a bit rich and shows naivety.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Fazili thank you so much for taking time and replying to my post @November 5, 2012 1:09 AM ,
I have two points to share with you :
1)I intentionally made it ignorant to cause the same discomfort you made me feel when I read your ignorant Title "Iranian earthquake victims left in the cold!"
What were you implying Dr?that the Iranian Red Crescent society was intentionally leaving the earth quake victims in the cold to freeze !??
If you hate the government you are free to hate it !but why do you have to insult honest Iranians who in the capacity of Doctors aid-workers nurses and governmental managers are rushing to help their fellow countrymen in need !?Have you read Saadi "بني آدم اعضاي يكديگرند " is this quote in Hindi that you do not understand it ?
Kindly correct your vocabulary and make your comments factual not emotional you are under heavy influence of Hostile media towards Iran!the same media you call free would not mention an iota of good news about Iran ,do you honestly believe there is no good news out of a country of 75 million people !!?
2)in your reply you got the subject completely wrong when you answered about the 50K homeless people?
I believe when you are referring to the figures given by Bloomberg in his disaster briefing with the governor of NY on Nov 3rd ,it is correct those who lost their homes in the storm have been moved to municipal homeless shelters !
and correctly as you mentioned even pets are given food and a place to rest those whose homes were in lower Manhaten!
however as of Aug 2012 there were about 50 thousand real homeless people living in those shelters !does your free media tell you were are they now?does it tell you their place is now given to the dogs owned by rich residents of Manhatten !
you see Dr the whole point I'm making here is that it is easy to be ignorant and snob.all it takes for me is to listen to press TV when it comes to US issues and for you to listen to corporate media VOA,BBC and Manoto +27 LA Satelite channels that broadcast into Iran .
at the end of the day you and I are educated people we can dig the truth!you are of the opinion that the Islamic Regime is corrupt .
I do honestly think that you are genuinely worried about the future of your birthplace .in this cause I am the same as you are I do think that the IRI is an obsolete and ineffective government for Iran but the difference between me and you is that you believe that you are living in a free world .
what you should realise is that bothare wrong both are corrupt to the same level without a sliver of difference .
I hope one day UskowionIran becomes neutral as it was before ,it used to be factual reporting and independent opinion from both views now its only corporate media Headline and Radical Posts full of blind hatred posted by You.
for alternative views Mr Uskowi proliferates Israel Hate messages through " Iran Edge " posts I feel reluctant to come to this site,
i miss the days when Mark Pirouz and amir Taheri used to post on this Blog .
for reference on the NY homeless lease see the link bellow :

Unknown said...

@anon 7:57
I am not going to respond to the homelessness issue in NY as the topic of conversation was disaster relief and not civic issues in NY. I am sure the mayor of NY would be bette suited to explain why NY has that many homeless people. Unlike in Iran, mayors are elected official and I'm sure he will respond to you if you sent him a clear short question.

As to the report about the earthquake victims in Iran, the entire piece was based on facts reported by Iran's own state media (see references in the body of the text). The question you should be asking is not "if"it happened, but rather "why" it happened, so that it can be fixed before the next earthquake hits.

As to whether or not the red crescent of iran acted incompetently or they were not given enough resources, I really can't speak to that as I don't have enough information about the root cause and I would hate to make an "emotional" judgment absent more information.