Thursday, September 20, 2012

Khamenei’s Speech at Iran’s Naval Academy

Iran’s Supreme Leader and Commander-in-Chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei addressed the cadets of the Naval Academy in the Caspian city of Noshahr on Monday 17 September 2012. Following are excerpts from ayatollah’s speech. The translation to English is provided by Ayatollah Khamenei’s office. (

"The Armed Forces spearhead the resistance of the Islamic Republic, divine government and Islamic civilization against the enemies and ill-wishers.

In their confrontation with this great and vibrant movement, today the enemies of Islam and the Islamic Ummah feel that they have fallen behind. For this reason, they do idiotic things. The recent insult to the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.w.a.) is a lesson that will go down in our history.

We do not insist on proving that certain people or government officials (in the West) were involved in this crime, but the behavior and methods of the leaders of the arrogant powers, American politicians and certain European countries have caused peoples of the world to point the finger of blame at them. They should prove that they were not accomplice in this great crime and they cannot do so by simply denying their involvement.

Today in many western countries, nobody dares question the Holocaust whose nature is questionable… How is it that nobody has the courage or permission to publish anything against wicked and malicious Zionist policies or against an issue like the Holocaust, but this is not the case with insults against what is held sacred in Islam?

According to the reports I have received, in America if people decide to write something against homosexuality on the basis of psychological and sociological principles, they will be prevented from publishing their work.

Today global public opinion is against American and Zionist policies. Yes, governments do not protest because of certain considerations, but peoples cannot tolerate this any longer. Whenever they find such an opportunity, they protest against centers affiliated with America, against America's social and political centers in different countries. They hate American and Zionist policies.

The confrontation between Islam and the arrogant powers of our time will undoubtedly end with a victory for Islam."

Photo Credit: Ayatollah Khamenei addressing naval officers and cadets. Noshahr, 17 September 2012. (


Sanford said...

"We do not insist on proving that certain people or government officials (in the West) were involved in this crime,"

"They should prove that they were not accomplice in this great crime and they cannot do so by simply denying their involvement."

1. Contradictory
2. Hypocritical re nuclear

..Take care of Syria, and eventually Tehran (isolated) takes care of itself- the people are ready, waiting for the signal.

Anonymous said...

It looks more like a gathering at a Mosque than a Naval Academy.
And who is this Ummah this old goat is yapping about?
I doubt if Iranians are part of this so-called Ummah.
Except of course for those few brainwashed lost souls that believe in that nonsense.
Iran comes first before any Ummah Mr Khamenei.
Iran is a Mellat and Mellat is no Ummah.
If you want to be part of the Ummah,maybe try Sudan Yemen or any other god forsaken place.
And one more thing Mr Khamenei, that 15 minute video was made by an Egyptian Coptic.Not by some big time Hollywood movie studio.
You not only look ridiculous but sound ridiculous too.

Anonymous said...

Old goat spouts same old lies as old goat of 2000 years...

Sanford said...

Anon 3:21 PM

2000 years ago they did not have 150,000 tons of TNT at the press of a button either... we'll see if they get there.

The mullahtocracy is undermining the future of young Iranian generation, under the pretense of protection. The regime is using West as bogyman to legitimize failing economy while massively scaling military.

If Iranian youth allow this, they'll have no one to blame but themselves, once they finally awaken into full tyranny...too late.

Anonymous said...

AnoN 12:33PM

1. The video (movie) was made in the Us.

2. So far, nobody claims a leading role in producing that video, except a criminal who somehow was released early from serving his 21 months term in the Us federal prison.

3. That guy owes $790000 in restitution fees due to his previous crime.
4. How come this guy after his early release manages to find money for that movie, when he has to pay his $790000 restitution fees.

5. How come he was released from prison (early) and immediately has an idea to make that kind of movie.

6. Why does he claim (at the begining) that he is a jew and that 100 jews financed his movie?

7. Isn't he afraid to "lie" that 100 jews financed that movie; after his early release from the federal prison?

8.Why his associate Mr. S. Klein, (shortly after riots in Libia) provides assurances to Jeffrey Goldberg (prominent jewish commentator in The Atlantic) that israel is safe; (because, there was a coptic-christian involvement in that matter).

9. Maybe that criminal- liar needed money to pay those restitution fees, so somebody has taken an opportunity to make appropriate proposals...where a blame will be assigned to christians....


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:15 AM

To Non Dissident.

So what if the film was made in the US.Doesn't mean the US government has produced that 18 minute video.

It doesn't mean that the whole Muslim world(excluding the staged managed one in Iran)should erupt into overemotional and murderous vengeance against the US embassies.
I personally think what those people have done have shown to the world that Islam to be a religion for crazy people and are harming the religion for such petty stupidities.

And one more thing,the man maybe a criminal and made that video.
But by those acts of attacking and killing embassy staff is also criminal and therefor to the eyes of the world,criminalizing Islamic society.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:00PM

It was written in response to anon 12:33 PM, that instructs the Supreme Leader that the video was made by an ...Coptic. Not by...Hollywood...

Mr. Nakoula (who worked on this video) is a criminal and liar. For the rest all probable conclusion are open because we don't know for sure other details.

Therefore my conclusion that someone used that man to assign blame to christians, has a merits...

Taliban also claimed that Osama is their quest; and according to their historical tradition they do not transfer quests to their quest's enemies.
Taliban also claimed that it is also not responsible for an investigation of claims against their quests....and after that, Taliban was presented with an ultimatum and following WAR.