Monday, September 17, 2012

Khamenei Calls on the West to Prove No Part in Anti-Islam Film

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in Tehran the U.S. and the West must prove they had no part in the anti-Islam film that has caused riots and protest in the Muslim world.

“Nations are aware of the Islamophobic policies of arrogant powers (U.S. and major European countries) and Zionists (Israel) and are pointing the finger at the U.S. and certain European governments, and leaders of these countries must prove that they were not accomplices in this big crime in practice by preventing such crazy measures,” Aytaollah Khamenei said.

“Does anybody believe that preventing insult to Islam and its sanctities is against freedom of speech in countries where any move against hegemonic principles is dealt with firmly and violently?” Khamenei questioned.

Iran’s supreme leader predicted that Muslim nations will emerge victorious in confrontation with the U.S. and the West.

Photo Credit: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. (Press TV)


Anonymous said...

That's OK,you prove that your regime hasn't murdered tens of thousands of Iranian Hammehans.

And also prove that Assad hasn't killed over 25 thousand Muslim Syrian civilians.

Since Mr Khamieni and his bloodthirsty regime is so concerned of insults to Islam.

Please tell us why your regime tortures and murders thousands of Iranians.In your wicked eyes aren't they Muslims or not?

And don't try to ride on the back of a 18 minute film that was not made by a Westerner,but an Egyptian.

Anonymous said...

Wow,these maniacs are milking it for all its worth!
They are trying to divert attention away from what is happening in Syria.
They are comfortable with their usual rhetoric against the US and Israel.
Enjoy it while its lasts because by next week it will be back to reality.

Anonymous said...

Funny the regime is destroying our cultural and historic sites and claiming that Cyrus was the "invention of the Jews" or "was a criminal". And Islam brought civilization to the Iranians 1400 years ago,LOL!

And what happens?


Anonymous said...

It is not worthy to respond to your primitive propagandas not related to the issues in that article.
Some people like to splash a "mud" without cause like a small children. Maybe some naive or stupid people will read your comments, but I think there are only few in todays Islamic Republic.

Anonymous said...

Supreme Leader is Right, because the us has double standard policies in regard to many things related to israel, Jews and different standards toward other religions or races.

For instance it is required that the words "...Blood on us and our sons..." from the Christian Bible should be avoided or prevented from the public.
When Mel Gibsn was making his movie, Jewish organization in the us demanded to remove (censor) those words.

Any public portraing Jews in negative ways is always protested, even if it is the truth.

Movie about Mohammad was done during couple years and by people who had previous dealings with the justice system of the US.

Would you believe that Nakoula Basseley (Sam Bacile); who was released (served time for fraud) early from US prison and who was ordered to pay $790000 in restitution, had immediately a time to work on this movie and finance it (or be financed by mysterious sponsors)?

The other guy Steve Klein who pretended to work as a right wing operative in 1970's and as a consultant on that blasphemous movie, assured immediately mr. Jeffrey Goldgerg from The Atlantic; after the protest emerged, that israel is safe (because it was done by "Coptic christians"). However he said that he did not see Sam Bacile and maybe there is somebody else...


Anonymous said...

Anon 4:00 AM

"It is not worthy to respond to your primitive propagandas..."

@Thank you for responding to my "primitive" propaganda!

"Maybe some naive or stupid people will read your comments,"

@Again,thanks for reading my comments!

"but I think there are only a few in todays Islamic Republic."

@Yes I know,and you're one of them!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:54 AM

"Supreme leader is right,etc etc....."


Your claim of the word "Dissident" is very strange.Specially when you just mentioned Khameini as the "Supreme leader".
I hope you know what the word "Dissident" means?
It means a person at variance against own countries established authority.
And since Khameini is part of the established authority,why are you backing his claims and calling him "Supreme leader"?

Anonymous said...

the "West" has no obligation to prove that they had no part in some crazy movie.

it's not as if the "West" signed a world-wide "No Crazy Movie" treaty pledge and hasn't lived up to it.

It isn't as if the "West" has censorship, no established religions, or blasphemy laws with death penalties, or apostasy laws with death penalties,

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:35AM

Word "Dissident" has many dimensions in the present world.

I use this words "Supreme Leader" as his official title, which is also used by the western propaganda.

My description correctly supports Supreme Leader's positions that the West has to prove....even by similar logic from the West, that Iran has to prove; to the West, that it has no nuclear weapons...

There is another matter to consider in difficult times, that adversaries usually don't like that their opponent has a strong leader or leadership...they would wish party system with many Karoubi type parties' system, that would waste lot of time for quarreling.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:52 AM

"Word Dissident has many dimensions in the present world."

We are living in a three dimensional world.And in this three dimensional world it clearly noted that "Dissident" means a person at odds with own countries established authority.
There is no other dimensions attached to it.

Stop making a laughing stock of yourself!