Saturday, September 22, 2012

War With Israel Will Occur – IRGC Commander

IRGC Commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali "Aziz" Jafari said today that a war with Israel will occur, but not clear “where or when.” Gen. Jafari’s comments contradict the official line espoused by senior Islamic Republic officials that Israel would not dare attacking Iran.

“A war will occur, but it's not clear where or when it will be,” Gen. Jafari said. “Israel seeks war with us, but it's not clear when the war will occur.”

“Their (Israeli) threats only prove that their enmity with Islam and the revolution is serious, and eventually this enmity will lead to physical conflict,” Jaffari said. “We are making all efforts to increase our defensive capabilities so that if there is an attack ... we could defend ourselves and other countries that need our help with high defensive capabilities.”

"If they (Israel) start something, they will be destroyed and it will be the end of the story for them," Jafari added.

Source: ISNA/Reuters translation, 22 September.
Photo credit: Gen. Mohammad Ali "Aziz" Jafari (INSA/Mona Hoobehfekr)


Mark Pyruz said...

Rhetoric shouldn't be characterized as "official line." Such exercises in rhetoric are actually an element of deterrence.

Jafari's comments were made at an Iran military hardware exhibition presumably before a mostly military audience. As such, they can be interpreted as a means of "rallying of troops", something expected from any military leader particularly in a country facing daily threat of attack.

Nader, I've noticed you've a propensity for attempting to find contradiction in Iranian leadership remarks. Again I point out that the Iranian politics is not monolithic, and remarks by leaders, particularly those comprising highly charged rhetoric, shouldn't be taken so literally. More emphasis should be placed on actual Iranian leadership motives, interests and policies.

mat said...

The Zionist Regime of Israel could simply and easily starts a war at any time without hesitation but instead, IRAN would definitely finished it.

Nader Uskowi said...


I respectfully disagree. Gen. Jafari has found a new voice, as if he wants to differentiate himself from the senior civilian leaders. Important to listen to what he says.

Unknown said...

The commander of the IRGC, General jafari has had a steady steam if statements that indicate that the most powerful branch of government (IRGC) in Iran is flexing it's muscles internally.

It looks like the general is not happy with the official line and has taken action to set the record straight.

The iranian politicians appear to still have some sway over his subordinates but not over him, and so they get them to deny parts of his statements. An example of that was getting the Quds force commander to deny Jafari's statement earlier this month about the Quds force personnel being on the ground in Syria.

Anonymous said...

most important part--- " we could defend ourselves and other countries that need our help with high defensive capabilities.”

is what is likely a veiled reference to Lebanese Hezbollah, which will be greatly weakened with the end of the Assad dictatorship's control of Syria.

Anonymous said...

When are you coming back? I've been waiting for a post on this year's parades and the new Raad system... your posts were a very important aspect of this blog to me(factual rather then emotional).

reader said...

This General has no political skills and does not seem to care about the consequences of expressing inconsistant views on matters that affect the future of 80 millions ordinary iranians. I wish those in position of power in Iran are given some very basic lessons on the art of politics.