Friday, September 21, 2012

Paper shortage in Iran, major pro-government paper printed in only 8 pages

The "Islamic republic" newspaper (روزنامه جمهوری اسلامی) was issued in a short version of 8 pages yesterday, due to paper shortage. The Thursday issue included a statement explaining the reasons for the shorter edition. 

A paraphrased translation goes as follows:
"Due to significant increase in cost of paper, decrease paper production in the country, and difficulty importing paper, we have resorted to decreasing the number of pages in this and future Thursday editions (thursdays only)." I included the original statement, below, for the Persian speakers to read for themselves.

با پوزش از خوانندگان گرامی روزنامه که امروز روزنامه جمهوری اسلامی را در ۸ صفحه دریافت مینمایند، لازم میدانیم به اطلاع برسانیم افزایش بیمهار قیمت کاغذ، عدم تولید کاغذ روزنامه در داخل و مشکلات واردات کاغذ به کشور، عواملی هستند که موجب بروز بحران کاغذ مطبوعات شدهاند و همین امر ما را نیز وادار کرده به تدابیری که یکی از آنها کاهش صفحات روزنامه در روزهای پنجشنبه میباشد، روی آوریم.

I'm sure this is just a fluke, as sanctions haven't had an impact on Iran per Khamenei. Come to think of it, this is one issue Khamenei and Netanyahu agree on.


Mark Pyruz said...

Good thing those "Eastern" style toilets don't use toilet paper! lol

reader said...

I take it that it was for simplicity reason that you missed out the 'Thursday only edition" . Yes, they have a problem but it is not a crisis as your incomplete translation suggests. Thanks for your contribution.

Anonymous said...

Good news for the forests!

Maybe they can recycle some of the useless currency?

Unknown said...

@reader 8:42
Point taken, I'll add a clarification that it is for "Thursdays only".
I also agree that it's not a crisis--8 pages should be more than enough to praise the regime over and over again!