Friday, September 28, 2012

U.S. Drops Mujahedeen from Terrorism List

But Underscores Concerns About MKO

The U.S. State Department today formally removed the Iranian dissident group Mujahedeen-e Khalq Organization (MKO) from its official list of terrorist organizations.
State Department announced today that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the decision in view of the MKO's public renunciation of violence, the absence of confirmed acts of terrorism by the MKO for more than a decade, and their cooperation in the peaceful closure of their paramilitary base in Iraq.
But the State Department also underscored concerns about the group.
“With today's actions, the Department does not overlook or forget the MEK's (MKO’s) past acts of terrorism, including its involvement in the killing of U.S. citizens in Iran in the 1970s and an attack on U.S. soil in 1992,” the State Department statement said.
“The Department also has serious concerns about the MEK (MKO) as an organization, particularly with regard to allegations of abuse committed against its own members.”


Anonymous said...

Can an expert here, Nader, Mark, Jabbar, Paul or somebody else, tell me why this removal is gonna make the Iranian regime so furious? What will change now the US dropped MEK from this list? Which power elements the MEK will gain by this decision and why is the Iranian regime so 'scared' about that?

Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

@anon 8:15
In my humble opinion, the MKO, despite their complex history, are probably the only opposition group that has significant infrastructure in Iran to cause the regime significant trouble if they were to receive unfettered support.

They are also the only opposition group with a military wing which would or could come into play if and when the internal conflict with the regime turns violent, a la Syria.

As far as who benefits, I would say the only short term positive benefit is that the Iranianian at ashraf (now liberty) will be free to apply for asylum in the west and get out of their predicament.

Leadership wise, I'm sure now that the US is on talking terms with the MKO, they would encourage them to allow an eventual change of leadership so that past sins might be forgiven by average Iranians.

Anonymous said...

Quote: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Anonymous said...

@Dr Fazeli,
your humble opinion as an "expert" carries no real value !
do share with us how you want to treat a patient with lung cancer by injecting him/her with Streptococcus pneumoniae (bacteria that causes pneumonia)?

I'm appealing to your medical education here not your self proclaimed Iran Expertise!

Anonymous said...

That was the red line what Iranians were concerned.
Unbelievably insulting to Iran.

amordad said...

@Dr Fazeli ,
My comments where not published here since you & Mr Uskowi are strong supporters of Freedom of expression I presume there was a technical issue "publishing "it .
I would appreciate your explanation with this regard I'm re-posting first few words for reference ==>
@Dr Fazeli,
your humble opinion ....

Anonymous said...

-----"Unbelievably insulting to Iran."--

sometimes the US isn't all that worried about insulting a regime that offers the constant insult of "Death to America" among many others.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19 PM

Quote: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Like I said in the other post, the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend and I don't believe for one minute that the Mujahedeen (MEK) are anything, but terrorists. They are a group of radical Islamists believing in jihad and they helped Khomeini overthrow the Shah of Iran. They may not like the current theocratic regime, but for them to say they want a secular government is laughable. They are hated not only by the current Iranian regime, but also by ordinary Iranians within Iran that also hate the current government. The peaceful activists of the Green movement want nothing to do with them. The U.S. is making a very big mistake by removing them from the terrorist list.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:35 PM

Agreed. The US is being blatantly hypocritical when it comes to the War on Terror.

Leopersica said...

Anon 8:15 Pm
Some analysts and Iran Enthusiasts very naively still believe that the FTO designations follow procedural or evidentiary processes, THEY DO NOT!!
US Government uses the FTO as a policy announcement mechanism, countless examples are at hand to assert this hypothesis I'll give you a few, Iraq being de-listed during Saddam's regime and MKO enlisted during Khatami Administration are very good examples of green lights given to each side at their time.
To answer your question: Iranians should be very furious as MKO is regarded inside Iran and by average Iranian as a traitor and mercenary Organization.
From an American perspective so is Hezbollah ,after all they are directly responsible for the single deadliest attack on a US marines Barrack's since Vietnam war in the 80's.
So, Many Americans would see MKO De-listing as, Tit for Tat .a bargaining chip during future grand bargain or another option on the table. Justice is being done here as some US advocates of the action would put it. They want to take revenge from the mullahs
However it is evident that US is bankrupt when it comes to popularity in the Middle East streets the only Island where US is regarded positively among middle-easterners is Iran. How would this affect their popularity among ranks of Ordinary Iranians? Who would benefit from this move? anyone but the Hardliners in Iran?
Let's say the decision to De-list MKO as Flynt Leverett puts :"it By Delisting the MEK, the Obama Administration is Taking the Moral and Strategic Bankruptcy of America’s Iran Policy to a New Low".
He ends his piece by this paragraph:
Quote =>"Count on this: "once the MEK is formally off the FTO list—a legally defined process that will take a few months to play out—Congress will be appropriating money to support the monafeqin as the vanguard of a new American strategy for regime change in Iran. In the 1990s, similar enthusiasm for Ahmad Chalabi and the Iraqi National Congress—who were about as unpopular among Iraqis as the MEK is among Iranians—led to President Clinton’s signing of the Iraq Liberation Act, which paved the way for George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq in 2003. The chances for such a scenario to play out with regard to Iran over the next few years—with even more disastrous consequences for America’s strategic and moral standing—got a lot higher today. "End quote.

Leveretts base their analysis on previous traits of US regime change policies ,I personally do not agree with the Leveretts , Syrian Baathist Government has shown some remarkable resilience against an all out civil war ,the Islamic republic's riot control and anti-guerrilla assets are far more robust and efficient than their Syrian equivalents .MKO is not a balance shifter even if it is it would shift the balance in favor of the hardliners in Iran . Very soon US administration will have to drop policies of intimidation aside and come to negotiation table.
Let's hope I am correct and the negotiations will bring rapprochement to the Arena.
So far UN podium speeches has shown positive signs

Anonymous said...

Now we Iranians should be aware of them (MKO), they shall appear and try to blackmail Money from Iranian business people ( in Europe and Canda) If there is no giving in, they shall destroy businesses and existances with supposed blessings.

Again they shall start kidnapping Iranian children of the wealthy and blackmail parents.

Again they shall ring your bell and behave like jehovas witnesses, show you a photo of an Afghan hungry child, claim it to be for Iran and demand money. If you say no we spend differently they shall terrorize you with letters and phone calls and call you "Mozoor" of regimes for not helping them. arson your car and the cars of your neighbours etc etc etc.

The MKO are terrorists and I suggest to confront them with full force should they demand money or threaten you.

Have no mercy because they shall have no mercy upon you and your children.

They (MKO) have lost their lives and hopes and honor, they want you dear a-political Iranians to pay for it.

I suggest, Grab them and empty their pockets, find out where they live and where they come from. Call the police, make sure they are registered and make a harrasment complaint. Make sure it is well documented.

last but not least, the ones in Camp liberty are being programed for suicide attacks inside Iran.
like the ones that carry out bombings inside Iraq and Afghanistan, drugged and a promise of a better life for their siblings or children in a trailer park in the USA.

As always when you creat a terrorist group, after a while when they bring no success they shall be unleashed and left alone by the creator, then comes the bommerang effect, where the creators are the stupid.

Whatever the claim, the MKO has no place anywhere in Iran. Like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52 AM

Don't be to upset,it could be detriment to your health.
After all the regime in Tehran has done far worse to the Iranian people for over 33 years.
Maybe it's the turn of the regime and their families to receive some wholesome hospitality from the other end?
What ever the case,don't upset yourself and cause damage to your internal organs.

Anonymous said...

Unlike anon 6.52
I say dont call the cops. These Mojahed terrorists are bad stuff. Mark them then locate them and kick their doors in and make sure they never come near you and your family. They are very dangerous people and they kill for peanuts so squash them like a bug if you get the chance.
Make a preemetive move on them. LMHO.

Anonymous said...

in my town in central germany we have 6 or 7 of them they sell daily trips to Paris and other places to refugees from east europe without residency for 20€ and they even get coffe when they get there / in the place they are let out of the bus they are given yellow and blue ballons and flags in the middle of a demonstration form the MKE they are filmed and abused for propaganda / they are then allowed to go and bring them back with the bus they went.the<y brake mirrors of cars and put knife in peoples wheels if you tell them to go away

their women look like men and their men are all so starved an ill looking.
very sad people very dangerous people

Anonymous said...

They are not as many as pretended
Maximum 3000 to 4000 people in their 50s and 60s
these peope need a good medicare
to live to be 70 and what their legitimacy is concerened not even the lowest of the lowest in Mossad trusts these assassins.
anyone that can betray his motherland will betray anyone.
there could be terror attacks against iranians but one day all of the mko s will be obliterated.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:43 and 3:54 PM

Don't panic so much!
The time of the Islamic regime is soon coming to an end. And next you can go and sell some balloons to passers by instead of what you're doing for $200 a week with your Mozdor trivial lies.

nima said...

No matter how bad our fascist regime are, the terrorist, treacherous filthy MEK are worse. These animals really think Iranians forgot how their leader shook hands with Saddam Hussein. How funny, the Iranians will never allow for these animals called MEK/PMOI to come to power, it won't happen. I support executing all MEK leaders and members.

Down with MEK!

Anonymous said...

@ 4:42 pm

you have absolutely no idea whatsoeverrrrr
how much the likes of you bore the ... out of the rest of us Iranians with your slogans and 3 months and 6 months and soon and so on and mozdoor and etc.

I am too young to remember the details of the revolution but my parents have been more than negtive about these marxist-islamic assassins or better called terrorists.

This terror organization seems always on the market for hire for actions against Iran for the benefit of others.

Anonymous said...

They tortured and interrogated Iranian POW for Haddam Hussein
They killed Kurds for Saddam Hussein
They attacked Iranian soldiers during Iran-Iraq war.
They delivered sensitive information about bridges and industries for Saddam to Bomb during the war other words they were the fifth col.

they are simple traitors to Iran and its people
They asre simply mercenaries of.... (today its the USA)

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:39 AM

"You have absolutely no idea whatsoeverrrrrr......."

Don't strain yourself too much.It could lead to internal problems which you might regret!

PersianPride said...

Anon 10:22 AM

Please don't tell me you sympathize with the traitorous MEK and this is coming from an anti-Mullah supporter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:45 AM

If you are a anti mullah supporter then concentrate on bashing the mullah regime.
For over 33 years now Iranian opposition have been bashing each other,enough!

Anonymous said...

Nobody LIKES the MEK and their past is not erased, but has anybody proof that they've committed any acts of terrorism in the last 10 years?

if so, please post.

otherwise, consider that getting on the US list of terrorist groups doesn't mean that the groups never get off the list if they give up terrorism.

the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was on that list for many years, but was taken off when they changed tactics.

Anonymous said...

shipish of a mullah has more honor than some MKA terrorist traitor

I dunno where you grew up and what ur age is but never ever trust a national traitor.
I aint even a royalist saying this.

Anonymous said...

2:33 pm
terrorism is not the main issue
MKO are traitors to Iran and that can not be taken off any list.
Good for America with their politics of promotions and demotions but that is their politics and has no relevance to the heart of an Iranian.
MKO belong in prison and away from society.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56 PM and PersianPride.

The mullahs and the MEK are two sides of the same coin.Only they know how to deal with the mullah theocracy.
You have to learn that politics has some strange bedfellows!

Anonymous said...

you speak like someone without a clue about Iran and your kind of politics is childish and hollywood niveau.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:55 PM

No,it's you that hasn't a clue.
That's why the US has dropped MEK from terrorist list and you are chatting BS over the monitor.
You need to grow up and face the reality of the world,instead of believing what your shipisho mullahs tell you all the time.

You Melli-Mazhabis are the biggest traitors to Iran.

Anonymous said...

anon 4:08-------

--- " MKO are traitors to Iran and that can not be taken off any list."---

where talking about a US list of terror groups.

it has nothing to do with being traitors to Iran or not.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your comments and have come to the conclusion that this step was in the long run a good step for Iran

The MKO file has been dragging long enough and bringing them out into the open gives everyone (left or right,Royalist or Nationalist, more religous or less, the chance to unite and finally destroy them, thus restore Iranian national intergrity again.

Anonymous said...

750 of the MKO already dispatched to Syria.

Anonymous said...

The attack on Turkey was commited by the MKO.
They have already started to use their methods to cause havoc.

Anonymous said...

"has anybody proof that they've committed any acts of terrorism in the last 10 years?"

Eh, what do you tink that Thailand debacle was all about? Plus they might have been behind the bombings in India and Georgia too, remember them...?

Anonymous said...

All the killed Iranian scientists, who do you think Killed them ?
The MKO were the ones who delivered info and locations and names and adresses, then they killed them.
The granade detonation at the Khomeini grave during the 2009 elections.
Placing the espionage stones everywhere and bringing laser guides to sensitive military locations for aeral locatings and eventual attacks are all terror acts.there are more but have no time.
Who do you think you people are fooling ??
They belong in prison forever.

PersianPride said...

Anon 2:04 PM

I bashed the mullah's regime all the time. It doesn't mean I let the MEK off the hook and the fact the U.S. has delisted MEK has confirmed my suspicion that the U.S. want to replace the mullah's regime with MEK and believe me, the average Iranian will not tolerate the MEK as the regime's successor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39 PM

Don't lie. The Islamic terrorist regime was behind those bombings.