Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Austrian Airlines, BMI Stop Flights to Iran

Austrian Airlines and BMI, a British Airways affiliate, announced that they will stop servicing Iran in October. BMI stops its flights to Tehran on 1 October, and Austrian on 10 October.

Photo Credit: Austrian Airbus 319 (Airlines Pictures)


Anonymous said...

Austria Airline is bankrupt, they stopped also fly to China.

why the Austrian government does not subsid the air lines ?

Anonymous said...

"why the Austrian government does not subsid the air lines?"

Because like everything else,you regime apologists try to compare everything the West does to what Iran wrongly does.
Just because the Wests well developed economy doesn't subsidize business doesn't automatically mean that a backward economy like in Iran under the Islamic regime should follow the same pattern.
Iran Air is or under this Islamic regime used to be the National Airline of Iran.And because of total incompetence of the idiotic regime,they have successfully wrecked the once proud national airline of Iran.
Now if they don't subsidize Iran Air,it will collapse and be replaced by some Persian Gulf Arabian countries airline.
No doubt,this is what the anti Iranian regime wants.