Thursday, September 27, 2012

Iran Sanctions Effective - Israel

A new Israeli government report finds that recent sanctions are hitting Iran hard, Haaretz reported today. The internal report by Israeli foreign ministry finds Iran’s oil exports have declined by 50 percent in the past year, while food and electricity prices have skyrocketed.  (Associated Press, 27 September)

The findings undercut Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s argument that the sanctions have not been effective, hence an urgent need to take military action against the country’s nuclear installations. However, Netanyahu is expected to argue when he addresses the U.N. General Assembly that regardless of the effectiveness of the sanctions, the senior leadership of the Islamic Republic is determined to build the bomb and international economic pressures could not stop the process.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Netanyahu 100%.

The Iranian people appear to support their government's position on everything, so they will give up all else to get the bomb!

Hope when they get hungry that they can eat the bomb too!

How come Iranians accept all that their government feeds them???

I am not a muslim, so can any of you from Islam tell me why a muslim cannot choose what he/she believes or even change your religion without being put to death?

How come Iran's people do not want freedom?

Sorry about my english writing and grammer, I am from Cuba and now in the United States for about two years now!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 AM

What do you mean by a word "freedom"?

Is that a freedom that in Cuba one have free health an dental care and education and here is not.

Is that a freedom, that students can come to the school with an expensive clothing and makeup of their faces and mock their teachers?

Can those expensive clothes are a signal to other students that one doesn't have to be concerned about grades and necessity to be well educated?

Does that freedom causes; that despite that it lasts over 200 years in that democracy, that american average school grades lag behind grades in many other countries, including socialist ones...?

Is that a freedom, that thousands of innocent people are killed because that country believes in freedom to possess a weapon by individuals in peaceful times?

Is that a freedom that someone with bigger money can be elected or win a lawsuit, than those who have less money?

Is that a freedom that a one can portray your religion as a stupid one (except a jewish one)?

Is that a freedom that police do not investigates all crimes and one have to consider private investigators?


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 AM

Looks like you have received good education in Cuba and you have a lot of time to "dig" on Iran, or you are one of these pretenders who make believe they are Cubans.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:20 AM

You've some twisted views on personal freedoms "Dissident".
If you don't believe in those personal freedoms that you so mock,why are you living in the West?

Everybody has the right to wear what they want.If you don't agree to that,then go and live in Qom instead of London!

You are best suited to the word hypocrite instead of "Dissident".

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 AM

How come Iranians accept all that their government feeds them???

And you think your fellow Cubans don't accept all that their communist government feeds them? Give me a break!

Take your silly opinions elsewhere. We don't need lousy Cubans like you commenting on this wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

yes, many school children in America get poor grades.

In the schools of NYC, there are many, many pupils and they come from all over the world and among them are a vast number who do not speak English in their home and speak more than 100 different languages.

yes, there are many students who do not do well, but in the US there are a vast number who do very well indeed.

when they compile lists of the world's greatest universities, guess which nations has the greatest representation.

when the list of Nobel Prize winners in science and medicine is read, it's Americans that are heavily represented.

iran has one single Nobel prize winner, and the regime persecutes her after stripping her of her job as a judge when Khomeini took over.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:33PM

I have said that average scores of US students are poorer than in many other countries of the world.

They constantly try to change cirriculas, replace superintendents as well as to bus student between different areas and there is still high dropout rate and low scores.
Despite those hundread years, US cannot invent flawless system so far.

That, that there are famous universities and some skilled students is caused that some reach people from inside and outside US can afford to spent huge amount of money for education of their children.

John Kennedy's son repeated 5 times exam, before he was licensed by a bar (law) association in NY.

That, that they have more scientists is caused that they (US) had no real war on their soil for over 150 years and they have acquired rich land and slaves for free, while other nations had to straggle on their own against aggressions...
US seduced the colonial cuban ruler to relinquish Guantanamo to the US and they paid (a token-tip) $500 per year or so; not long after the second world war.

In 2008 Iran had 3.5 million students enrolled in its universitis !!!