Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Press TV Correspondent Killed in Damascus, Bureau Chief Injured

Press TV correspondent Maya Nasser was killed today by sniper fire in the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Damascus bureau chief for state-owned Press TV and Arabic-language Al-Alam TV networks, Hussein Mortada, was also injured in the shooting.

Uskowi on Iran extends its condolences to Mr. Nasser’s family and to his colleagues at the Press TV and to the community of journalists in Iran. We followed Mr. Nasser’s reporting from Damascus and are saddened at his tragic death covering the war in Syria. Maya was 33 years old.

Photo credit: Maya Nasser (File photo: Press TV)


Anonymous said...

Has Uskowi on Iran also send his condolences to all the families of Iranian political activists who have been killed by the Iranian regime? The same regime who's controlling and monitoring Press TV, who has spread Iranian mullah propaganda for more than 5 years.

Nader Uskowi said...

More than 20 journalists have been killed in Syria, covering the war. Maya is the latest. They sacrificed their lives to inform us; their deaths are truly tragic. Our stand on freedom movements, in Iran and elsewhere, is clear but it’s not subject of this post.

Anonymous said...

feelings about the value of the content of PRESS-TV should not make us hesitant in joining with Mr Uskowi in extending condolences to mr Maya's family.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they know who to kill.
Al-Alam and Press TV both pro Assad regime.
These people are sending a very strong and personal message to the Islamic regime.Not a very safe place for Iranian reporters.

concerned citizen said...

Very sad. Condolences, work of a terrorist not a so called freedom fighter. Any body who thinks these people will stop at Syria or want democracy are mistaken.

concerned citizen said...

It is very sad. Freedom fighters do not kill innocent reporters with a sniper. These people are terrorists and stooges. I hope the terrorist meet a painfull an swift end.