Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quds Force in Syria – IRGC Commander

IRGC Commander-in-Chief Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali “Aziz” Jafari said in Tehran today that IRGC’s elite Quds Force is deployed to Syria in “non-combat” capacity. The announcement confirms long-held view among Iran observers of possible involvement of Iran’s military in the 18-month old Syrian conflict, including the presence of military advisors.

 “A number of members of the Qods Force are present in Syria but this does not constitute a military (combat) presence,” Gen. Jafari told reporters on Sunday. “The IRGC is giving intellectual help and even financial assistance but there is no military presence,” he added.
[ISNA, 16 September].

“I say specifically that if Syria came under foreign military attack, Iran would also give military support but it totally depends on the circumstances,” he said.

Photo credit: IRGC Commander Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ali "Aziz" Jafari at the press conference. Tehran, 16 September. (ISNA/Mona Hoobehfekr)


Anonymous said...

Everybody is in Syria...
US security firms and marines
The Taliban
The French F.L.
The Al-kaeda
The Turkish special forces
The Israeli special forces
The Hezbollah
Iraqi Badr brigade
and I would have been highly surprised If the Iranians were not involved.

Its one hell of an orgy there.

Azeri by fortune Iranian by Grace of God

Dariush London

Anonymous said...

Syria minorities have the right to protect themselves and ask for a help from Iran and other friends in a situation where the West sponsors terrorism and AL-Queda as well as other mercenaries in Syria.

Syria under Assad, has been a leading country in the ME regarding the education's levels and religious freedoms.

Unknown said...

Iran is all in Syria even as the syrian regime teeters on collapse.

Going the extra mile means that the damage to both countries wil be greater at the end.

The minorities are sure to suffer more as a result, not the other way around.
If Iran were to withdraw support from the Syrian regime on moral grounds now, the Shiite and alawites will be seen in a better light in the post bashar syria.

Mark Pyruz said...

For some time now I've been saying there are IRGC observers in Syria. They're there for a variety of reasons. But there are not IRGC units participating in active belligerent intervention.

Interestingly enough, Iraq is a transit point to Syria for Iranian assistance. And Iraq's foreign policy position on the Syrian situation pretty much mirrors that of Iran's.

Unknown said...

Here is politcio's full article on this for our readers:

Mark, while I agree the military commander does say that they are not going to build nuclear weapons, it is worth noting that he is using the world deterrent and consequences in his quited comments.
It would have been less confusing if iran's foreign policy was announced by its foreign ministry, and statements like these didn't come from non-ministerial, military figures in Iran.

Anonymous said...

When will those apologists stop lying to themselves that the IRGC units have been there since day one.

And by the way Anon 9:29 AM,two wrongs don't make a right and that applies to all of them.
They should all get the hell out and let the Syria people deal with Assad.

And by the way it's Azari.

Anonymous said...

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