Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jerusalem Post: Top Barak aide says war with Iran not imminent

According to the JERUSALEM POST: A senior Israeli official signaled on Saturday that there would be no unilateral attack on Iran in the coming weeks, saying that international pressure had kept Tehran's controversial nuclear program in check.
Amos Gilad, top aide to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, was asked in a television interview whether the Jewish high holidays, which begin on Sunday and end on Oct. 9, would be "quiet in terms of any initiative taken by Israel." 
"What Israel will or won't do - I recommend that this remain behind closed doors," Gilad told Channel Two television in response. "But to the extent it is possible to foresee the holidays, it looks like it will be quiet...."

This begs the question, does this mean Israel is very close to an attack, and is just trying to do the usual deception move of appearing to let its guard down before it pounces (As it did before the Gaza war)?

The alternate explanation is that the Israeli leadership is finally getting the message from the US, that  attacking Iran before the US election is the only RED LINE the US administration is willing to offer in response to Netanyahu's forceful demands.  


Anonymous said...

Who gives a crap? Stop writing about the same topic over and over again for five years.

Unknown said...

@anon 10:20
Apparently, you do!

mat said...

Israel is too little and too impossible to take on the great IRAN. Ask the U.S Pentagon.

Anonymous said...


But Anon 10:20 PM has a point. The media has been predicting an imminent attack on Iran since 2004.

These articles will continue to appear with increasing fervor as the election draws near, just like in 2006.

Anonymous said...

What it might mean is that Israel will not attack and that instead will put about the story, in bitter tone, that they were stifled by the Americans.

And this will be valuable for those who will wish Iran to take this last opportunity to cease and desist the weapons program...

and valuable to those who will use force to stop the iranian regime if it does not cease.