Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morsi Calls for Change of Syrian Government

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi made an appeal to Arab states on Wednesday to work to end the bloodshed in Syria and said the time had come for the Syrian government to go. Morsi made the remarks during his first presidential address to the Arab League in Cairo.

“The time has come (in Syria) for change and not wasting time speaking of reform. This time has passed now. Now it is time for change," Morsi said. (Reuters, 5 September)

Morsi has also invited Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran to join Egypt to form a quartet to help resolve the Syrian conflict. The first meeting of the quartet will be held in Cairo soon.

Photo Credit: Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. File Photo: Reuters, June 2012


Anonymous said...

I agree with Morsi.

Iran should stay out of Arab affairs.

Anonymous said...

what distinguishes Morsi from Mubarak is his beard and ... name

Anonymous said...

The Egyptian Revolution was actually a "controlled detonation"

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of sour grapes comments here.
Is it because Morsi disagrees with the genocidal terrorist regime in Tehran?
Get real you losers the Arab masses no longer believe the lies the terrorists in Tehran are spinning.

Anonymous said...

Has Mr. Ghonim still good relationship with his jewish frieds at Google?