Thursday, May 5, 2011

US Congressional Panel Releases Report Alleging Iran-Qaeda Links

US Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus released a report on Wednesday alleging that IRGC’s elite Quds Force offers support to and has strong links with Al Qaeda. The report was released by the caucus after US troops killed Osama bin Laden in a raid in Pakistan.

"Iran has quietly forged a strong working relationship with core al-Qaeda’s leaders," said the report's author Michael S. Smith II of the strategic advisory firm Kronos. "This relationship has been established to counter American influence in the Middle East and South Asia" [AFP, 5 May].

"Since 9/11, these partnerships have become all the more pronounced. Hundreds of al-Qaeda members, along with family members of core al-Qaeda leaders, have found refuge inside Iran," the report added.


Anonymous said...

Its like saying the USA has been forging ties with Hamas to counter the Israel.

Its a religous impossibility, no matter who and what is said. shows how stupid and uneducated these Americans are.

They don't even consider each other as Moslems.loool

Anonymous said...

This does not appear to be a serious report. It was written by what appears to be one-man consultancy for a caucus founded by a right-wing pro-Israel crackpot and, according to news reports, is based entirely on "open sources", most likely a hodgepodge of various reports and claims that have been floating about for years without anyone ever seriously substantiating a major link between Iran and AQ.

Anonymous said...

I remember how they tried to link Saddam to Al Qaida and Bin Laden aftter 9/11 .

Anonymous said...

Lemme guess: AIPAC and congressman Brad Sherman had a hand in this report.

Germán said...

This site seems to simply parrot mainstream nonsense on Iran. If we are talking about ties with Al Qaeda why don't we analyze the CIA? And if we are talking about ties with Al Qaeda members' families, why don't we go to the US-backed dictatorship of Yemen and Bin Laden's brother setting foot there to build the longest bridge in the world crossing the Red Sea?