Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Sanctions Will Void Nuclear Agreement – Iran Official

The Deputy Speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Majlis, said today that Iran will cancel the accord with Turkey and Brazil to transfer 1,200 kg of its LEU to Turkey if the UN Security Council approves the proposed sanctions resolution against Iran. Mohammad Reza Bahonar made his remarks at a gathering of the Islamic Engineers Association in Tehran [Mehr News Agency, 20 May].

Bahonar added that he expects the fourth round of UN sanctions to be approved in the near future and in that case the Tehran Agreement will be considered null and void and Iran will continue its 20 percent uranium enrichment program. This is the first time that a senior Iranian official has linked the implementation of Tehran Agreement to the passage of the proposed sanctions resolution at UNSC. It is not clear yet whether his remarks represents the official policy of Iran.


Anonymous said...

If the Americans were genuinely concerned with nuclear proliferation they would be dealing with the weapons that we know to be there in Israel. They are not interested in this. They are interested in closing down the influence of Iran who they regard as a regional rival in this part of the globe. I think Ms Clinton has seriously misunderstood global politics post financial crisis. I see her resigning sometime soon.

Nader Uskowi said...


I guess I am missing your point, how a Clinton resignation or the Israeli nukes are related to linking the Tehran Agreement to new sanctions?

Anonymous said...

the reality is west has chack mate in this move on political front that why senario may change later on in iran gournment benefite so only things iran will do keep quiet for while then see the rest of world action ,i am believed ahmadinajad will strike back by next week to usa action in the hardes way to excute the ramaining dopt againest iran nuclear issue as far as go us uncertainty is ramain big issue for russian and china washed them hand of this unsc draft by tuesday now to main player come up front turky and brizel that way west never believe to change the level of international move in short time how this play will move leave them space than will see what they could do . bottom line iran got great position at this point what west never believe to have it.