Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Velayat-89 Military Maneuvers (8)

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Commander-in-Chief of the Army Major General Salehi (right) tours a Noor SSM mobile launcher site.

Noor (C-802) SSM mobile launcher in action

IRIS Alborz (72), Alvand class (Vosper Mk 5 type) frigate
firing a Noor (C-802) AShM

IRIS Jamaran (76), Mowj class frigate

IRIS Kharg (431), Kharg class replenishment ship
serving as forward observation vessel

Helmsman on the bridge of the IRIS Kharg

Regional foreign military delegations: Iran's Minister of Defense Brigadier General Vahidi flanked by an Iraq Navy Rear Admiral (Liwa) and Commodore (Amid). Qatari and Omani military personnel are visible in the background.

Minister of Defense Brigadier General Vahidi shakes hands
with an Oman Navy Captain (Aqid)

-Hossein Zohrevand, Hossein Mosavi-Faraz, Hamid Reza Niko-Maram at Fars News Agency
-Yunos Khani at Mehr News Agency
-Rooholla Vahdati at Iranian Students News Agency


Anonymous said...

Is the Noor a silkworm type missile?

Anonymous said...

The NOOR or NOUR (TL-10) is more advanced Iranian made version of the Chinese C-802. Noor is a long-range anti-ship cruise missile manufactured by Iran and heavily modified and uses various land, sea and air platforms (even-heliborrne).

Noor has a range of over 200km and is powered by Toloue-4, an Iranian version of the French Microturbo TRI-60 engine. The older models acquired in 1995 were still quite accurate and capable and could achieve their maximum range of over 220Kms without the need for an OTHT (Over-The-Horizon Targeting) system. The new advanced NOOR shown in these Velayat 89 exercises (is standard Iranian SSM on most large ships and mobile batteries) are precision guided and used the Iranian DM-3b active-radar sensor with GPS guidance. The warhead is around 300 lbs with a time-delayed semi-armour-piercing high-explosive (HEAT) charge but can be configured in various other combinations.