Friday, May 14, 2010

Turkish Premier Cancels Visit to Tehran

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan today told reporters in Ankara that his visit to Tehran is cancelled. Edrogan was to join Brazilian President Lulu da Silva in Tehran this weekend in a last ditch effort to mediate between Iran and the West before the imposition of new UN sanctions against the country. Edrogan told reporters that he had expected Iran to issue an official letter announcing its readiness to cooperate with Turkey in ending the impasse. Such letter never materialized and Edrogam cancelled his visit to Tehran.


Alborz said...

Very interesting news.
The Purose of Iran Nuke Program is sure something else as to make Erdogan/Lula oder else who happy and give them more international prestige at cost of iranian people.

Anonymous said...

Turks are not trustworthy anyway and Erdogan was just a US/Zionist messenger boy. Iran is big enough to handle the nuclear issue on a bi-lateral basis with the US since it is the only nation that seems to have a problem with the peaceful Iranian nuclear energy program, mostly at the behest of AIPAC.

Anonymous said...

Iran can not go so far , then let mr tayeb to screw it.. come on did you really think Iran would go for it ??

Anonymous said...

judged too soon... it seems it was to trick the Israelis sponsored media into euphorie.

Anonymous said...

plan was to go there all along, they wanted to avoid any premature western attemps to torpedoe this deal.

well done. Thats the way its done to fool the CIA,MI6 and their Terror department Mossad.