Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Iran Summons UAE Envoy Over Three Islands

Iran summoned the United Arab Emirates charge d'affaires in Tehran over UAE’s renewed claims of the three Persian Gulf islands of Abu Musa, and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs. Iran considers the three islands as its territory.

"The UAE's charge d'affaires was summoned to the foreign ministry and was issued a stern warning," Ramin Mehmanparast, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman, told reporters in Tehran.

"There was also a meeting held in the UAE, and they were conveyed the displeasure of our officials towards their unmeasured statements," he added.

UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah had compared Iran's control of the islands to Israel's occupation of Arab territories.


Anonymous said...

Iran has to be more assertive about these three islands. It is also important for Iran to use "Persian Gulf" in communication etc more assertively. In reality it does not really matter how much these Arabs bark. Those islands will belong to Iran forever. They can compare Iran's behaviour with whoever they like. The fact is that these Arabs are all cowards. Remember 500-600 Hizbollah fighters trained by Iran did more damage to Israel's pride than the whole of 400 Million Arabs combined in all previous Arab-Israeli wars.

Anonymous said...

The strategically illiterate bedouin petro-pimps of the Persian Gulf Sheikhdoms dance to the tune of their foreign masters. These corrupt kleptocracies living in glass houses built by slave Asian labor should be careful not to get too carried way with provoking Iran. Their US and Zionist masters are commuters and foreigners to the region and will be gone soon, but Iran has been around for 3000 years and will last till eternity. Arabs have never showed much wisdom in their strategic analysis, as in the 70's they allied themselves with USSR, espoused radical causes, bought junk Russian weapons, lost 3 wars to the barely 5 million imported Zionists, lost Paslestine and then promoted Wahabbi fundementalism within their closed reactionary imperialist created corrupt fiefdoms. The strategic failure of the Arabs and their lack of reality based far-sight is having geo-political repercussions to this day in the region and beyond and casting Islam in a very poor light and promoting Wahabbi terror worldwide. However, this little pip-squeak UAE tweaking the Persian Lion's tail is not very astute. The petro-pimps need to wise-up fast before the glass walls come tumbling down.

Anonymous said...

Just a follow-up from the first guest's comment. Actually the Arabs are tribal petty people, mostly ruled by corrupt foreign imposed regimes and are indeed largely illiterate and a house divided. In reality the vast majority of the ordinary Arab citizenry is very pro-Iran and that includes Syria,Lebanon, Iraq (70% Shia), Algeria, Libya, Sudan and Yemen (60% Zaidi Shia). It is only the despotic ruling puppet cowards of Egypt, midget Jordan and the House of Saudi evil that is against Iran. The UAE is a non-entity and not even worth discussing. The Saudis and the rest of the nomads would not last a full day against Iran if left to their own devices. The incompetence, cowardice and stupidity of the US "trained" Saudi military was on full display in Yemen recently when they got the hiding of their life despite the $250 billion worth of junk weapons they have bought from the US, UK and Europe at inflated prices. The lighly armed but highly motivated Zaidi Shia's defeated the Saudis inept military at every tactical level skirmish and even captured a dozed Saudi villages and took numerous prisoners. So these Khaleeji Arabs are joke in essence and should be careful about not making an enemy of Iran, a rising power with over 75 million homogeneous people with a well defined national identity dating back 3000 years with an illustrious military history. If crazy Saddam with a million troops, unlimited Saudi, Kuwaiti and UAE money and conscripted cannon fodder from Egypt and Jordan with best US and European weapons money could buy (including binary waepons) could not defeat Iran in 8 years, when Iran was all alone and isolated and its weakest in 1980,I would very much doubt that even combined Persian Gulf Arabs and their foreign masters could do much today as Iran is 100 fold stronger. UAE needs to be put under adult supervision ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm emirati. I just want to say that Iran never claimed these 3 islands until the British left the Shiekdome (Back then) and never really claimed it until they confirmed that there's in these three islands. I just have a question now, if Iran is 3000 years old, then why didn't they claim it before? Why did they wait for 3000 years to say "we're going to take these islands away from you because they are ours".. why show intrest now? hmm..I really want to the answer to that.. why now, and not 3000 years ago?.. if they did that then there wouldn't be any conflict..
and another point.. UAE is a peaceful country and sees that IRAN as a sibling country.. but I'm guessing that it's not mutual as you guys see us as "Illiterate".. "Dogs".. etc. Well, for your information.. A LOT of emiraties are of Iranian heritage ( The mejority of us are, I assure you).. so if you insult Emiratis.. you insult your own kind..I have lots of Iranian friends here.. and I cherish them very much.. and I do not like to judge people according to what their fathers, grandfahters, great grandfathers did.. and I hope you do the same.
These pieces of land belong to the creator of this earth.. let's not dispute over that..