Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kaman 99 tribute

A video tribute to the large scale air retaliatory strike carried out by the IRIAF on Iraq following their September 22nd 1980 invasion that sparked off the war that would only come to an end eight years later.

Made by this author from stock footage from Press TV and other sources.


Anonymous said...

Just look at this way Iran, USA's trillion dollar navy is unable to even detect a rusty, noisy, sardine tin of a submarine. Or come to think of it it's air force where not able to detect 3x747's in the sky! Talk about all the hype of their satellite systems well OBL is having his dinner outdoors everyday!

Anonymous said...

Yes, US should use their "technology" to stop the gushing oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico that is destroying the eco-system. All hype and no substance.