Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lula Meets Khamenei

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva meeting Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. Tehran. 16 May 2010. IRNA


Anonymous said...

US will find some "flaws" in the deal. Zionist mouthpiece BBC is already dampening any positive news and US is remaining silent. US/Zionist Iranophobia has nothing to do with the nuclear issue but regional dynamics.

Anonymous said...

Western Press have stzarted calling this deal "Iran surrenders" just to provoke Iran...


i say screw them, Iran seems to be making good progress and the world is learning to resist Anglo-Zionistic pressures and disregarding media biased.. since everybody knows now how it all works... well done Iran thx to you

Anonymous said...

The German press "bild" wrote;

"The Iranian Dictator surrenders"

CNN has totally ignored the issue..

do you need more ???

Anonymous said...

It is so pathetic that unfortunately the Zionist "western" disinformation machine has either put a negative spin on this rational and successful Iranian, Brazilian and Turkish diplomatic effort or are just disdainful as expected. It was impressive pre-emptive posting by Nader who confirmed the Erdogan initiatve and broke the news of the breakthrough before it even hit the news wires.

The BCC and its anti-Iran idiotic resident "expert" correspondent John Lyons had already started dismissing this intiative with contrived skepticism even before the ink on the text had dried. CNN/FOX then put their own disparaging spin followed by other negative spinmasters in the Euro, Canadian and Australian puppet media. Rupert Murdoch must have spent the night working out how to dampen the success of this G-15 conference and initiative.

It is also a great disservice to humanity by ignoring the G-15 Tehran Summit which represents over TWO BILLION people including many large and increasingly influential nations like Iran, India, Turkey, Brazil, Indonesia, Algeria, Venezuela etc. Such juvenile hypocricy of the "west" is its own worst enemy and the reason for its rapid decline in barely 65 years post WW2.