Monday, May 24, 2010

Continued Tensions over Enrichment Program

Iran officially sent the text of Tehran Agreement to IAEA today. The letter from Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi accompanying the text calls the agreement “a major progress toward defusing international tensions” over the country’s uranium enrichment program [IRNA, 24 May]. Tehran’s proposal calls for swapping 1,200 kg of the country’s low-enriched uranium (LEU) for fuel to run a medical research reactor in Tehran.

IAEA will convey the letter to Russia, France and the US, the parties to the original fuel swap deal brokered by IAEA former boss Mohamed ElBaradei last October, for their consideration. The West has voiced doubt about the value of the new proposal since the amount of LEU to be swapped no longer represents the bulk of Iran’s stockpile that has grown significantly since October.

The major powers are expected to additionally call for the immediate suspension of Iran’s uranium enrichment activities, with UNSC imposing new sanctions if Iran refuses to suspend. But the Iranian speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, warned yesterday that Iran would cancel the Tehran Agreement if UNSC approves a new round of sanctions. It seems the parties are back to square one, with tensions surrounding Tehran’s enrichment program as strong as ever.


Anonymous said...

The matter of how much enriched uranium Iran possessed back in October and how much it has today is irrelevant. That is, of course, if the West was not negotiating in good faith last October. For it's perfectly obvious to anyone willing to listen that enrichment is a red-line issue for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

That Iran attempted in good faith to negotiate all these months, and that the "goal posts" have again been changed by the US is now evident. Good for Iran's leaders in not accepting the insincere offer as it was back in October, and picking up allies along the way in the form of Turkey and Brazil. For it is no longer just lonely little Iran and the P5+1. It is now Iran+Brazil+Turkey and the P5+1. This has very much become an issue of the global south, for which Iran stands in the vanguard.

Anonymous said...

remmeber this is a fact any negotiation with iran has to be 2 againest one what is mean iran always whant 2 point gain and lose one point this make them stabilized of all obtion other wise will not do the business with west or anyone on this part is the same you want business that is the way will dectated to you you do not want that it we are doning what is a best for us.