Friday, May 28, 2010

Iran and Russia Resume Diplomatic Contacts

After two days of public denunciation of each other, Iran and Russia have resumed high-level diplomatic contacts to manage the growing tensions in their relations. Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki and National Security Advisor Saeed Jalili today had extensive phone conversations with their Russian counterparts [ISNA, 28 May]. Mottaki’s talk with Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minster, was particularly aimed at reducing the tensions between the two countries, which started with the remarks made by the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad questioning Russia’s independence from US foreign policy over Iran.


Anonymous said...

NAM countries or any other are well advised to avoid short and long term business dealings with this disloyal and back stabbing Russians.
Lets see if those 300 million Americans (33 Mill. Homeless, and 70 miilion in trailer parks) could replace the market they are giving up.
deal with China and other emerging Nations.. do not forget the Gas which Iran could give the Europeans... so many ways to make Russia bleed.

Anonymous said...

Actually in the new multi-polar world both Russia and US are both largely irrelevant. The US is indeed bankrupt and a paper tiger with worse economic malaise yet to come. Iran just needs to look after its own interests and move ahead with its projects. A good article in today's Asia Times on the marginalization of the US and its bleeding wars in the Middle-East that have created the 40 million homeless on food stamps, 100 million living below poverty levels in trailer parks, 30 million unemployed with no end in sight. The US national debt is now greater than its shrinking economy at over $14 trillion and the lost wars are bleeding it to death at over $3 trillion cost and growing. The US can't even plug an oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico let alone start a suicidal war with Iran in the Persian Gulf. Russia also has similar problems from economy to foreign policy and has to deal with Iran on its weak southern flank where the Muslim minorities are restive and want out of the decaying "Russian Federation". Iran's hand in the region is much stronger than most think.

Anonymous said...

iran turky and brezil plus china should form new perment set in unsc and take those corrupt country out of unsc that make much saver world without them. nam should push harder as ever to get in right direction for save the world of man.their hands are in blood of million humman theire are barbark forces telling the humman right but in reality killing hunderd of thousand to take them way of corrupt couvernment forword.