Friday, May 7, 2010

Velayat-89 Military Maneuvers (2)

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Foreground: IRIS Bayandor (81), Bayandor class (ex-PF 103 type) large patrol corvette. Background: IRIS Lavan (513), Hengam class tank landing ship (LST).

IRIS Lavan (513), Hengam class tank landing ship (LST)

Foreground: prep work on TOW-capable IRIAA AH-1J Sea Cobra

IRIADF operation of Shahin (I-HAWK) SAM battery

Chemical defense exercise: field decontamination vehicle, chemical defense ensemble and handheld decontamination nozzle.

Photos: Mahmodreza Amiri at


TLAM Strike said...

In the image with the Corvette and LST the ship in the background appears to be a Dhow and not a military ship.

Mark Pyruz said...

bilds9, upon magnification, you could be right. (I'll make the change) There's another larger vessel farther off in the distance, as well.

Anonymous said...

Mark, I have found that Jamejam Farsi site normally has better resolution photos. It is best to always glean through ISNA, Mehr, Fars and Jamejam amongst the Iranian sites. Many others in the western blogging world use their photos too. Cheers.