Sunday, September 2, 2012

Netanyahu Calls for ‘Clear Red Line’ for Iran Nuclear Program

Remarks Seen as Rebuke of Obama

Israeli Prime Minister today called on world powers to set a “clear red line” for Iran’s nuclear program to prevent the country from obtaining nuclear weapons.
"I believe the truth must be stated: The international community is not placing a clear red line for Iran and Iran does not see international resolve to stop its nuclear program," Netanyahu told his cabinet. "Unless Iran sees this clear red line and this clear resolve it will not stop moving forward with its nuclear program, and Iran must not have nuclear weapons," he added. (Reuters, 2 September)

Israel's popular YNet news website described the prime minister's latest comments as a stinging rebuke of President Obama. Israeli officials have also voiced disappointment over recent remarks by the U.S. chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey, signaling reluctance to intervene on Israel's behalf if it attacked Iran. (Reuters)

Gen. Dempsey had told the Guardian on Friday that he would not be complicit if Israel should attack Iran. Netanyahu is seeking a firm pledge of U.S. military action if Iran did not back down on uranium enrichment. Such a promise could dissuade Israel from attacking Iran alone, Israeli officials told Reuters.


mat said...

What about Israel's quite a great number of suspected nuclear arsenals?

Anonymous said...

mat--- Israel has no great number of nuclear arsenals...... but has a couple of hundred nuclear weapons.

the US probably has a fairly large number of arsenals storing nuclear weapons.

and let's hope that iran does nothing that would cause either country toward consideration of using a nuclear weapon upon Iran.

As long as iran doesn't have nukes, they're not likely to be the recipient of any.

Anonymous said...

Israel will take the lead and show just how easy it will be to penatrate & defeat Iran's defenses......only then will Obama allow the US forces to join the attack against Iran......and as always.....Obama will take 100% of the credit for this victory!

I think Israel will not only contaminate Iran's nuclear sites beyond any further usage, but also destroy much of Iran's military and also much of its Oil & Gas facilities.

This is the current "behind the door" thinking in the American military, U.S. politics will cost many lives on both sides of this conflict!

mat said...

The dreams of 'barking' and 'beating the empty drums of war' against IRAN come true. Thanx! Next year would definitely be 34 of course.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15-----you're projecting actions from Israel that would require a sustained bombing campaign and which is probably well beyond the capacity of their Air Force.

I would greatly appreciate reading about on what you base your claim of knowing " the current "behind the door" thinking in the American military"