Sunday, August 21, 2011

Erdogan and Ahmadinejad Discuss Syria

Turkish media is reporting today that Prime Minister Erdogan spoke to President Ahmadinejad on the phone today to discuss the worsening situation in Syria. Turkey has arrived at critical crossroads with Syria after months of dialogue with Assad apparently have not produced any results, and the Turkish government is expected to eventually withdraw its support from his regime. Such move leaves Iran as the only regional power still supporting the Syrian government. But there are signs that the Iranian support is also evaporating. This week, Tehran replaced its ambassador to Damascus who had close ties to Assad and other members of the ruling family in the country.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the replacement of the ambassador instigated by him rather than a decision originating with the government?

Nader Uskowi said...

Could very well be that the timing of the change in the post was just coincidental, although I doubt it. Turkey is indeed at a critical crossroads, a position that I believe Iran will find itself in near future.

Anonymous said...

Turkey has already made the decision to abandon Assad when it announced that it would likely join an international force to enter Syria and protect the citizens against the present government.

Iran's position is just the opposite as it's going to keep fighting for the regime. It's not going to change until the Baathists are doomed.
The announcement last week that Iran is partnering a new military annex to the Lakatia airport attests to that. do the rather harsh words with witch the Iran government responded to the Turkish withdrawal of support for Assad.

Anonymous said...

"Turkish government is expected to eventually withdraw its support from his regime"
ist it a joke, the turk get money from saudi to withdraw the Assad Regime.

the true background of role tuekry, irran and saudi can you find here, a excelent analyseافشای-طرح-عربستان-و-ترکیه-برای-محو-قدرت-منطقه‌ای-ایران

Anonymous said...

I assure you, Syrias Government shall stay and become even more stable and policy afterwards.

Thinking otherwise is wishful dreaming.

dont take my word for it just wait and see....nobody can aford a fanatical system in syria that could go out of control like Egypt.

Anonymous said...

---"ist it a joke, the turk get money from saudi to withdraw the Assad Regime. "----

nah, not really. Turkey doesn't need Saudi money, it needs peace and decency in Syria and Middle East customers for its products.

Turkey must assuredly didn't want to withdraw support from Assad's government, but the scale of Syrian government crimes against Syrian citizens drove the Tukish decision, and it's rather childish to ascribe bribery.

Of course, having no honor, some die-hard advocates for any and every policy and ally of the Iranian regime, are naturally eager to question everybody else's honor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:10 PM

So killing over 2000 innocent people with heavy artillery and tanks is not fanatical ?

Anonymous said...

Good news the RAT of Tripoli is finished !
Next the RAT of Damascus.
Then the biggest RAT of all in Tehran.
Sorry you dreamers this is the reality !

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45.. US is killing so many in a week in Af-Pak and Iraq.

who are you to care for supposed 2000 in 6 months

In Iran 3times that many die in car the same period of time

so lets not play the humanright card here

Anonymous said...

Anon August 22 3:51 AM

"who are you to care for supposed 2000"

You obviously do not care because you never experienced the stench of death sitting comfortably behind the computer screen with a cup of tea in your hand.
What sort of person are you that justifies the cold blooded indiscriminate massacre of the Syrian population by Assad butchers then compare it to road accidents in Iran.
Accidents are not deliberate they are just accidents but to go and deliberately cause genocide against your own people is no accident.
Then you think you won the argument by throwing in the US Israel card a typical reaction by regime apologists.
You really have to get used to it because the Syrian people no longer want that despotic regime in Damascus despite all the Islamic regime collusion with the Assad regime it will lead to a victory by the Syrian people.
I suggest Ahmadinejad should advise his boss in Tehran that the game is up in Syria and as a portent of things to come.