Sunday, March 6, 2011

DIO Self-propelled 155 mm/39 HM41 howitzer

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Truck mounted DIO 155 mm/39 HM41 howitzer (domestically upgraded US M114).

Truck mount appears to be a derived MAN 6x6 variant, with secondary cab and crew bench.

Angled HM41 gun with recoil plate depressed.

New SPG appears to be a locally produced and economical solution for Iran's mobile artillery requirements.

Photos: Vahid Reza Alaei at FARS & ISNA


reader said...

Any expert there to tell us how this gun compares to guns of similar calibre from China, Russia and…. dare I say USA?

Anonymous said...

You don't have to be an expert!
it is a joke compared to modern, western tech. propaganda!

Mark Pyruz said...

The M114 is still in use today and a similar upgraded variant to the DIO HM41 is produced and in use by the ROK (KH179).

Here is a list of current operators of the M114:

PersianPride said...

Anonymous - March 7, 2011 5:29 PM

You are an idiot! If it is a joke as you've said then so are the modern, western counterparts that are still in service in countries including the U.S. and Israel. Add to the fact that there has been no major revision of M114 155 mm howitzer since its induction (1942), they are both basically the same thing. It doesn't get any more modern than that.

Next time do your research before you post your nonsense drivel.

Anonymous said...

Prototype, not production model.

Anonymous said...

@ March 7, 2011 5:29 PM

It is quite pointless trying to educate anti-Iran ignoramuses. However, some grown-up information about military and weaponry from extensive experience and not mere blogs may help you get a whiff of reality.

The Iranian artillery forces are perhaps the most battle tested in the region. The new Iranian truck mounted 155mm SP (self propelled) is perhaps as good and rugged as it gets anywhere in the "west" or "east".

From its technical configuration it is very similar to the Chinese SH-1 truck mounted SP system or the European/French Ceasar 155mm Howitzer.

Iran's extensive experience in the US imposed 8 year war and its successful defence of its homeland, gave Iranian artillery forces the edge in using multiple source systems from US, UK, China, USSR (Russia), North Korea, Sweden (Bofors), North Korea and extensive use of South African GHN-45 both (G-5, G-6), towed and SP.

Post the Jange Tamili period, Iran already produced the RAAD 1 (Thunder) tracked SP system similar to the US M-109 (later upgraded in US military to not so successful PALADIN).

However, Iran's need for hard hitting accurate(base bleed) long range artillery to adequately cover its rugged frontiers and low level threats on the western Iraqi-Kurdish areas and flatter Sistan va Baluchistan terrain led to this remarkable hybrid weapon system being developed by DIO. Iran's battlefield experience and unique needs were included in this new system.

Even to a novice it is quite apparent that this is a world class modern system. The rifled barrel is mounted on a 6X6 wheeled chassis all terrain truck with a forward engine, hydraulic stabilization rear mounts, laser range finder and GPS based targeting and armour plated crew cab. The trucks are all-terrain vehicles made by Iran-Khodro similar to MAN or KAMaz trucks. The biggest advaantage of similar systems like US/European Ceasar, South African DENEL, Russian systems is their agility and auto-loader cuts down on manpower. In the Iranian system the ammo is compatible with all standard 155-mm NATO ammunition, as well as ammunition developed by NORINCO China and North Korea. From barrel observation (heavily modified), it is estimated that maximum range of fire should be around 50kms plus which can easily be achieved with a rocket assisted V-LAP projectile using charge zone or base bleed (Iran already produces several calibre base bleed exceeding 175mm to 240mm and even for the Iranian version of D-30 towed). In addition, this artillery system is able to use indigenous precision guided munitions. Ammunition box of the artillery system houses 25 rounds of seven different types and their modular charges.

The 155mm is fitted with a computerized fire control system, navigation, positioning and targeting systems. Vehicle receives target information from artillery command vehicle. From previous Iranian combat deployment using decentralized mobile units it can be safely assumed that Iran will deploy these weapons on a dispersed and camouflaged "shoot and scoot" units taking advantage of ruuged Iranian terrain. A typical Iranian artillery battery comprises 24 truck-mounted howitzers, four battery command post vehicles, one battalion command post vehicle, one meteorological radar, four 6x6 wheeled reconnaissance vehicles and one artillery locating radar.

Typically these types of vehicles have a crew of five. An armored driving cab provides protection against small arms fire and artillery shell splinters. Iran also deploys TOOPHAN (locally produced Super Cobra gunships)in conjunction with SP artillery for cover and force multiplyer as this proved very successful in the Iraq war.

Iran already has the 5the largest artillery force in the world and the Shiraz artillery school is world-class. Iranian gunners honed their skills on the battlefield and not on textbooks and blogs. Before posting idiotic nonsense at least do some high-school level "research" or talk to grown-ups with real military experience.

Anonymous said...

Persian pride.
You are an IDIOT! I have done my research.
Check this and then you and your Basiji friends will know what modern artillery is :

For everyone interested just check Archer Swedish artillery on you tube and you will see what the mullahs have made !!

Anonymous said...

Mr Mark Pyruz,
Thank you for your comment.

If you are interested, plz follow the link:

This is the modern artillery that I am talking about.

Scythian said...

Dear Anonymous

I watched the video and while the Archer is impressive, it doesn't necessarily render the M114 obsolete or useless. If that's the case, the M114 would have phased out a long time ago. There's a reason why the M114 continue to remain in service (especially in NATO countries and the United States) and that's mainly because they are solid, reliable artillery with a proven combat record. In summary, the M114 is certainly not on the same level as the modern artillery, but at the same time, it's not a joke per se.

Anonymous said...

To anon "March 8, 2011 3:37 PM
", the Archer's all nice and sweet but pretty much operates on the same principle as the horwitzer.

Think of it as an artillery on steroids or an robot operated horwitzer(kinda cute). What bugs me,though, since the Archer is pretty much robotics and leaves no room for manual operation, what happens when there's an electrical glitch in heat of battle, which almost happens all the time in battle?

Also i don't think the enemy on the receiving end of any artillery fire will give a toss what brand/type it is.Your comparison is too high-schoolish (My gun's bigger/prettier than your gun school of thought).

And believe me, the 155mm artillery shells do pack a punch, if you've even seen them fired.Iranian arms is manufactured based on real need and not for some fantasy show.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scythian,
Thank you for your comment.
I know for a fact about the quality of the "reversed eng." weaponary in Iran.
You can not compare the "Mullah's" M 114 with the "real" thing in Service with the Nato's forces.
My original comment was about what they duplicate in the Islamic Republic. That is certainly a prototype and I am sure they can not mass produce it.

Anonymous said...

"Kind a cute" "High Schoolish" !
Get real man.
You don't know the first thing about it.
I have seen a lot. The Iranians make 3: rate copies of 1950-1960 tech.
Have a look at their so called home made "fighter jets"
Bad copy of a F5
They are probably good enough against the Talibans on horses, but would not stand a chance against the Nato forces.
Tell me what chance does the Iranian Air force has against F15's , F16,s not to mention F22's or Typhoons etc....
If you want to be patriotic on this web site, I understand, but don't make a fool of yourselves by buying the Mullah's Propagand !

dexy said...

It lacks auto-loader and ammo compartment. Here is an example of simple, but a very effective solution:

Anonymous said...

...and how exactly has all the f15/16/22/5000 helped nato in Afghanistan?As far as I know, they're still bogged down fighting some ragheads with 1950s weapons and moaning about how Iran is supplying them with weapons.stop playing too much video games - it's not good for your mental talk about Iranian arms being 1950s weapons.You won't be saying that if u get a bullet fired from one of them to your head...

ArabPride said...

Do you really think Iran does not know what they are doing?
If this would fit their needs, they would rather buy equipment from the chinese.
Further, Hisbollah in Iran is using iranian weaponry and warfare tactics. They were able t defeat an Israeli ground attack in 2006. Now, Hassan Nasrallah announced to conquer Galilee. If you regularly listen to his speeches, it always turned out to be true what he is announcing. Even the Israelis know that!
Everything Iran is manufacturing, fits to their needs in the battlefield.
So aks

Anonymous said...

Mentioning a few specifications about some systems doesn't make you an expert. You have been repeating (Hearing) this propaganda that you seem to have convinced yourselves that Iran is a Military Power !
If you are such an expert, you should know that without control over the airspace your forces are just doomed. The Iranian air force at the moment is a joke. There is no proper air defence system. That is why the Mullah's were so furious with the Russians for not giving them the S-300
The "Toophan" is nothing compared to the Apacheas. Assymetric warfare? Yes , but who is talking about a Ground invasion. If it becomes necessary, the Mullah's will be kicked in their ass by superior air power. Your IRGC and Bassijis will be the first ones running, saving their lives. It is not the Iran - Iraq war and we are not talking about a carismatic leader like Khomeini and revolutionary fever. None of these so called "Modern weaponary" comparable with Western tech. have been tried in a campaign. You don't know anything about their reliabelity. They are based on obsolete 1950-1960 tech. You can rant on and on but the truth hearts ha?

mat said...

You might type as much as you want it. But think twice and wise before messing with Iran cause you actually don't even know much what Iran really has.

Anonymous said...

Anon, March 10, 2011 9:00 AM, your comments are so infantile.Bet you haven't even set foot in Iran before..No?

Iran's ariforce is a joke you say.Why haven't the the US attacked so far after 30 years of threats?They know they can't do squat. The S300 was needed to counter a threat that's become minimal or non existent.

Go ask NATO how their superior air power is helping them in Afghanistan. They're still being sent home in body bags for the past 9-years and will be sent packing like the Russian.Iran knows how and will defend itself when the time comes.Bang your head against a wall.

Anonymous said...

To the infantile anti-Iran commments. Rather than go into a useless pissing war, the most basic question one has to ask is if the "US is all that Powerful", how come the US and 53 puppet nations have not been able to make a dent in the Taliban in Afghanistan for over a decade? BTW, US airpower only works on civilians, women and children. I would not recommend it against people who can fight back like the Vietnamese, Hezbollah and untimately the Iranians if ever pushed. I think it is this type of juveile war fantasy that has bankrupted the US and turned it into China's bitch for forever. Tangling with Iran is simply not on the cards. The US like all loudmouth bullies knows when to quit. How does $ 700 a barrel oil sound to your war fantasies and total US/European economic collapse? Did FOX/Zionist news ever tell you that Libya which is only seven million people and produces less than 1% of global oil has pushed oil prices up by 40%in one week, imagine a war with Iran which controls access to over 44% of the world's oil (via Hormuz straits) would do. BTW, Iran produces around 4 million barrels of oil a day and Europe is buying over 15% of their needs from Iran. Imagine what a cut off would do to your deadbeat and bankrupt economies?

LOL. Think before posting drivel.

Anonymous said...

You can bark the Mullah's propaganda as much as you want.
There is no way the "plastic boats" and "fire carckers" of IRGC's navy can shut down Hormuz! The anti missile batteries and "Ageis" system will take care of the "fire crackers"
The time is not yet there for destroying the Enrichment facilities.
Once necessary it would not be difficult for the new generation of "bunker busters" not to mention tactical nukes.
You should ask yourself what kind of weaponary the US forces have that the Mullah's are not aware of yet.
By spreading desinformation about the "Mullah's military capibilities" they are making all of you morons believe that the IRGC is acctually a force to reckon with. Just they fooled the world opinion about Saddam's 4:th Biggest Army in the world. Saddam in 1991 had better military hardware than the Mullah's have now and the Coalition forces got to Bagdad in 3 weeks. (The IRGC so called Generals will be bought or flee to Syria/ Venezuella/ Belarus Just like Saddam's so called elite Republican Guard)

Anonymous said...

to anon March 11, 2011 12:52 PM:
Are you really believing your nonsense?
Saddams army is better equiped than Irans Army of today? How old are you, 16?

Anonymous said...

Persian army is a virtual super power. They have the least tech weaponary in M.E and biggest propaganda machine. They use muslims faiths with lies and send muslims to die. We dont need to die we have to live, we have o learn the truths.
Persians cant block Hurmuz like Persian-Arab war in 1980's, they can only bluff..

Anonymous said...

Bueno, soy extranjero en esta discusión y Latinoamericano. No entiendo el mal trato y falta de respeto. Algunos piensan que se puede ganar una guerra solo con tecnología. Naturalmente ayuda. Peor todo depende del pueblo o nación. Que yo sepa, a Eua de nada le sirvió la tecnología contra Vietnam. Se tuvieron que ir. La Otan, con todos sus F16...Typhoon, no pueden dar cuenta de Afganistan e Irak, que ni siquiera tienen Fuerza Aérea. Yo respeto a los Persas porque están solos en esto, tienen voluntad y lo están haciendo por si solos. Es un esfuerzo grande. No es Libia. Si fuera tan fácil EUA ya la habría atacado. EUA solo ataca cuando se cree que el enemigo es débil o está debilitado. No vi noticias de que Irán haya atacado a ningún país, ni vecino, ni cercano. Si fuera virtual, hubiera perdido la guerra q Saddan inició a instancias y con armamento moderno. No creo que el Irán de hoy sea el de 1980. Es mucho mas capaz, y armado. Para mi, bloquearía fácilmente el estrecho. J.M.