Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CBI Sets Bank Rates

The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) has set the bank interest rates for the new calendar year 1390. The commercial banks follow CBI’s published rates.

  • Rate with 3 months maturity: 6%
  • Rate with 9 months maturity: 8%
  • Rate with 12 months maturity: 10%
  • Maximum rate: 15%
  • Mortgage rate for a maximum loan of $25,000: 11%


Anonymous said...

if these rates are to be correct, then I calculate the real inflation of the Iranian economy on a basis of 7,7 to 8.8.

Which is not bad considering the global economy and the embargo and....

Bank Lending Criteria said...

The increase would be good news for savers though, who outnumber mortgage borrowers. The low rates paid on accounts mean that very few cash accounts are currently able to beat inflation.