Friday, March 4, 2011

Half Urban Population in Iran Under Poverty Line – Report

Between 44.5 and 55 percent of Iran's urban population lives under the poverty line, according to a report presented by senior Iranian government researchers at a conference organized by Statistics Center of Iran (Markaz Amar-e Iran), Tehran Bureau reported on its Website.

The authors, Mansour Kiani, Khalil Attar, and Jila Habibi, reported 23.3 million people in the cities were under the poverty line and cannot subsist on their households' incomes [Tehran Bureau, 4 March].


Anonymous said...

I guess the conpiracy theorist will site this eport as the work of the Green movement or inspired by USA and Zionists. This report is a wake-up fact that after 30 years of mis-management in the name of a wreched ideology that promotes rejectionism, deprivation, superstition and plays classes against each other, this nation has been reduced to this level of poverty and hand-outs.

Anonymous said...

After thirty years of wasting nation's resources Iran is ending up with a society in which the vast young population have no hope for the future. The female population of Iran have been degraded to second class citizens through covering of hair and other restricted practices with vast amount of nation's money spent to police this ridicolous habit. Unable to find any meaningful purpose in life under this ideology, the young people are increasingly turning to drugs. The net effect is that in certain urban population either the vast majority are drug takers or drug dealers. The regime response has been to hang people for drug trafficing etc. They are dealing with symptons as opposed to the cause.

After so many years, the conclusion is that this regime cannot be sustained. Iranians deserve better than this regime.

The solution is not replacing the current regime with Mousavi or Khatami or other people affiliated to this ideology. What Iran needs is a secular government allowing people a degree of freedom and being part of community of nations. No we are not looking for any other religous dogma or another bunch chosen by US/Irael/west or whatever. Neither there is a need for any ideology driven government. Iran does not need heroes, strong men or any other symbol for that matter any more! It needs those selectet though true ballot box. That is all