Thursday, March 17, 2011

Diverted Iranian plane in Turkey: Photo

The Iranian plane diverted to Diyarbakir airport yesterday by Turkish officials turns out to be an Ilyushin Il-76TD belonging to the Revolutionary Guard Air Force (IRGC/AF). A lengthy search found the plane was carrying 150 tons of food; it was allowed to leave on Wednesday afternoon.

Photo: Reuters
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Anonymous said...

the most important news of this week , which change the world

1) Japan is radioactive , contaminated
2) Bahrein, Libya burninig.
3) One iranian plane make a Landing in turkey.

@Mr uskowei
you are donig bad job, fix yourself on banality.
japan can cause a economy/Human crisis NEVER SEEN IN the past.
The Bahrein can trigger iran- saudi war.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,yet another objective journalism(blogging?) from Mr Uskowi..

With all the mess happening in the world, he never misses a chance on any Iranian trivialities.Reporting staged propaganda as facts has become the order of the day.

Iran is not the only country that uses the C-704 system. And how Iran got hold of an English manufactured radar system is beyond me as Iran's military hardware is mostly of Russian origin.

Try reading between the lines sometime Mr. Uskowi. With the recent development in the region, Israel needs something to justify their inability to make progress on peace and any Iranian boogieman story, which i concur you love so much, will do for them.

Sadly though, the world is more concerned about important things like the coming of another economic downturn following the earthquake in in Japan with the nuclear meltdown and all.

We know your dislike(hatred?) for the Iranian government and will readily jump on any negative story to score some points but please be a little bit objective. It helps...

Nader Uskowi said...


This blog is called Uskowi on Iran for a reason: it is about Iran! There are so many great blogs on Japan and the Arab World. Not that we have not expressed our sadness at the events in Japan or happiness at the democratic movement in Libya against Qaddafi dictatorship. But in this blog we primarily offer factual reporting and editorials on the current situation in Iran.

The news of diversion/interception of an IRGC cargo plane by Turkey was indeed a big news on Iran today. We would continue to cover these types of developments because they are important in Iran's foreign relations.

And let me thank you for the credit you have given me, I don't deserve it. I am not the author of this post!