Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kuwait Recalls Its Ambassador from Tehran

Kuwait today recalled its ambassador from Tehran a day after a Kuwaiti court condemned to death two Iranians and a Kuwaiti accused of spying for Iran. Foreign Minister Shaikh Mohammed Al Salem Al Sabah accused Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards of being behind the spy cell and said three Iranian envoys would be expelled.


Anonymous said...

The USA and zionist everywhere made Kuwait do this.

They need bargaining chips.

More peoples from Iran will be taken soon.

Anonymous said...

I'am a Zionist and I promise I had nothing to do with this. Really. Though I can't vouch for my wife, maybe she called him back.

More "peoples" are come to America and be free. Peoples are waiting. And I hope everyone gets here.

Anonymous said...

what the f.u.... are u guys talkin about

Anonymous said...

we are in holiday mood in few days everythings back to normal then we will see again what politics in iran will be facing for new chapter of world order from 1390.