Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Iran Cargo Plane Kept in Turkey - UPDATE

The Turkish authorities have kept the Syrian-bound Iranian plane grounded in Diyarbakir airport. The Ilyushin civilian cargo plane was ordered to land in Turkey’s southeastern airport on Saturday on suspicion that it had illicit cargo on board. The inspectors have discovered a box containing automatic rifles and the aircraft’s seven-man crew was taken to a police station for questioning. The authorities have confiscated the weapons and are expected to allow the plane to take off en route to Syria.

UPDATE: Turkey says the plane returned to Iran Tuesday night without the seized cargo.


Anonymous said...

Another set up by the enemies of Iran. I tell you, those Israelis planted the box on the plane while it was flying at 35,000 feet. No way this was loaded on in Iran. Some nasty Jew parachuted onto the plane, opened up the cargo compartment and planted a box of toy rifles. Then the Jew jumped out of the plane and caught the 8:15 train to Tel Aviv. I tell you man....those people

Anonymous said...

The Turks are doing this out of pressure from the US..Is Iran also justified to intercept Turkish cargoes going to Iran's neighboring countries?

Turkey's setting a very awkward precedence that will have very negative consequence..

Anonymous said...

Anon,1:43 PM, you are a fool..Go do spew your garbage at the circus...

Anonymous said...


A Tale of Three Tales

On March 20 at 6:22, Irshad asked about a second Iranian plane that had been taken down in Turkey.

Here’s some sleuthing by a blogger, Lataan, that CASMII posted: IRANIAN ARMS TO SYRIA? THE ISRAELI MEDIA CAN’T GET THEIR STORIES TO LINE UP.

~Jerusalem Post reported the story with a “photo accompanying the story showed an Iran Air Boeing 747 ‘short’ version Jumbo jet with a collapsed nose wheel with the story claiming explicitly that the aircraft was carrying ‘military equipment and weapons’ which the Turkish police had found”

~Ha’aretz amplified the story “the aircraft was allegedly transporting “weapons connected to Iran’s nuclear program”

The blogger, Damian Lataan, an aeronautical engineer, closed the circle based on a follow-up report from Ha’aretz:
“Today ‘Ha’aretz’ is running a story about the aircraft being released after nothing was found on the aircraft that was illegal. Not only was the Jerusalem Post story totally fabricated but the accompanying photo to the Ha’aretz story shows an Ilyushin-76, (a Russian version of America’s C-141 Starlifter), heavy lift aircraft now looking as though its ready to fly with the caption claiming that this is the Iranian aircraft that was forced to land in Turkey.”

Anonymous said...

We should do something. I think we should not accept this treatment from the turks.

How can we get back at them.

Nader Uskowi said...

Anon 4:57 PM,

Probably the best way for the Iranian government agencies is to transport no weapons onboard a cargo plane whose manifest does not say anything abut the weapons. Wouldn't you agree?

Anonymous said...

Here is what Turkish daily Today’s Zaman reported on March 23, 2011.

The United States, operating through NATO, reportedly demanded the landing of two Iranian cargo planes last week at a Turkish airport on suspicion of carrying nuclear weapons, pointing to UN Security Council sanctions on Iran as the reason. Turkish authorities told NATO officials that Iranian authorities had informed them of their planes’ cargo, route, personnel and time of passing through Turkish airspace. Citing the UN sanctions on Iran, Washington reiterated its demand to search the Iranian planes via NATO. Ankara forced Iranian cargo planes to land in Diyarbakır, and Iran was informed of the situation. Turkish military and police officers did not find any nuclear weapons during the searches of either plane, Turkish officials informed the US through NATO’s headquarters in Brussels.

Stop putting out unchecked stories. Can I ask you a personal question. Are you in anyone's payroll?

Nader Uskowi said...

The story was carried by IRNA, the official Iranian news agency. Are you saying they are on someone's payroll? Whose?